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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 45

Well that was a long wait wasn’t it. That’s what happens when an episode gets released earlier than scheduled. The original pleasure of getting the next episode early gives way to the extra-long wait for the next episode to arrive. All things considered, I’d like my episodes to be released on time. No later. No earlier. What goes up must come down folks.

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November Roundup

I thought that this would be the year that everyone remembers as the year Crunchyroll got their hands on about half of the anime airing. But Crunchyroll appears to have a far less impression on the anime world than I originally thought they would. Is it because of the rather suspect quality of their streams and subtitles? As a subscriber myself I can certainly vouch for some very dodgy work on Book of Bantorra. Is it because they could only get their hands on the lower-quality anime airing? If you go to the tag cloud on Animenano, how many of the bigger tags are on Crunchyroll? Or is it because anime fans really are the biggest bunch of cheap-ass dickheads that the ANNfags claim they are? Ah well, at least Crunchyroll have Gintama and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Source for Gintama image

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 44 (a bit earlier than usual for some reason)

Hetalia usually comes out on a Monday and the gg usually sub the thing Tuesday or Wednesday. However this week the episode randomly appeared on Friday, way before it was meant to be released. Why? I’ve seen people say it’s because the mobile phone download always comes earlier and someone uploaded it onto nico (the Japanese version of youtube, although most of them use the Japanese language youtube anyway so I dunno why nico still runs…). That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense though. If this has always been the case then why did it take until episode 44 for this to happen? Why would gg decide to sub this version at episode 44? My guess behind this is that it was accidentally leaked. Similar to what happened to funimation with One Piece, they just didn’t handle their security properly. Either that or someone on the other side made quite the blunder. Heads are rolling back in Japan over this mistake. All very strange stuff it must be said.

Might as well review the episode since it’s out.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 43

Between blogging Hetalia, writing season previews, discussing animblogsphere shitstorms and god knows what else, it seems I spend far more of my time discussing anime than actually watching the stuff. Ah the humble anibloggers life is a harsh one.

But hey, it’s fun so I’m not complaining.

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Hetalia Axis powers episode 42

It appears that no DDL anime site like Hetalia (they must be run by Koreans) so I’ve finally given up and kept to watching this series on youtube. This also means the screencaps are from Youtube. While it may be far more difficult to take screencaps this way, I haven’t actually noticed any difference in the quality of the pictures. So yeah, Youtube FTW.


Russia, your fangirls have arrived

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 41

I watched this latest episode of Hetalia on Youtube. I thought I had long since moved on from watching anime there but the site I direct download my anime from seems to forget that the latest episode of Hetalia airs quite often. I would be using BitTorrent but the University blocks file-sharing. I could scour the internet for loopholes in this but I’m afraid that if I do find one the secret police will come crashing through my window, although I’m sure my insurance should cover the window at least. If this was any other anime other than Hetalia I would be extremely annoyed but Hetalia is a webcast anyway. Guess what folks? The youtube stream is exactly the same quality of the download! I might try taking screenshots from youtube next time to see if the quality changes much.


Enough of my streaming exploits, onto this particular amazing instalment of Hetalia.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 40

What an excellent 4 minutes and 33 seconds of Hetalia that was. Normally the episodes last for 5 full minutes so it’s a bit odd that this one ended early. I wonder what happened to those last 27 seconds. I have no recollection of them whatsoever.


No really, nothing happened after the 4 minute, 33 second mark.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 39

I believe some people have already predicted my reaction to the start of this episode. That opening sequence that left me in fear, dazed and frightened, huddled in a corner, desperately trying to shoo away the atrocious beings that had just appeared upon my monitor. I had seen these creatures before, long ago before anyone actually read my posts, and I never wanted to see them again. Yet, in my heart, I knew that one day they would return to haunt my Hetalia viewings. And it was in this episode, episode 39, that they finally reappeared…

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