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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 48

Hey, looking for Hetalia episode 48? I’ve moved over to The Cart Driver. You can view my real epiosde 48 post here.


12 Moments in Anime #7: Hetalia brings the online community a little closer to world peace

This time I’m going combine my 12 days of anime with my special Hetalia posts I plan to have started by this stage (I’m writing this on the 1st of December. If this is the first you’ve heard of this mini-project Hetalia fangirls then go ahead and berate me in the comments to get moving). This time I’m going to look at one of the most remarkable and one of the most unexpected occurences of the Hetalia anime (although in retrospect it should have been obvious). The international discussions that arise in Hetalia fandom.

Hetalia is a mans show and don't you forget that!

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 47

You know I was slightly worried before this episode that Hetalia had fallen into a bit of a rut recently, as can quite often happen with this show. When this episode kicked off with chibitalia I thought my fears had come true. But no!

When France is tossing about his fabulous (and now no longer strangely deformed chibi version) self we know that Hetalia has returned to form once again.

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Guest post: Hetalia character songs

Remember several episodes ago when I invited someone to make a guest post about the Hetalia character song? I’ve never really had any interest in them (unless it’s an ending song) but many people certainly seem to love them. So today for you all I’m taking the back seat and I invite Camille to take the reins. So I’ll shut up and leave the talking to someone who knows more about Hetalia than I do.  


Hello! Welcome to the guest blog post of the awesome me! *shot*

Hetalia Axis Powers episode 46

After my last Hetalia post involved me pissing about with peoples comments and generally acting the idiot, time for me get back to my critical dissertation of the latest episode of Hetalia. Or I could just prat about like I usually do.

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Respoding to Hetalia comments

For two-thirds of my anime blogging life I have been blogging Hetalia Axis Powers. Nothing I’ve ever written attracts more comments or more hits than these bloody posts (bar maybe the season previews). For that reason it would be a shame not to give these comments a little bit more loving, especially the ones from the dark days that I never got around to replying to. So, like all good anime studios, here I am milking my franchise and starting with my first of several silly Hetalia-orientated posts to give this series a proper send-off with the end in sight.

Warning: This is a veeeerrrry long post.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 45

Well that was a long wait wasn’t it. That’s what happens when an episode gets released earlier than scheduled. The original pleasure of getting the next episode early gives way to the extra-long wait for the next episode to arrive. All things considered, I’d like my episodes to be released on time. No later. No earlier. What goes up must come down folks.

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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 44 (a bit earlier than usual for some reason)

Hetalia usually comes out on a Monday and the gg usually sub the thing Tuesday or Wednesday. However this week the episode randomly appeared on Friday, way before it was meant to be released. Why? I’ve seen people say it’s because the mobile phone download always comes earlier and someone uploaded it onto nico (the Japanese version of youtube, although most of them use the Japanese language youtube anyway so I dunno why nico still runs…). That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense though. If this has always been the case then why did it take until episode 44 for this to happen? Why would gg decide to sub this version at episode 44? My guess behind this is that it was accidentally leaked. Similar to what happened to funimation with One Piece, they just didn’t handle their security properly. Either that or someone on the other side made quite the blunder. Heads are rolling back in Japan over this mistake. All very strange stuff it must be said.

Might as well review the episode since it’s out.

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