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k-on!! episode nineteen

After seeing Episode Nineteen, I believe there is one reason and one reason only why all of class 3-2 voted Mio to play the part of Romeo and Ritsu to play Juliet:

Now everyone can graduate with no regrets.

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k-on!! episode eighteen

I begin with some semi-but not really-related information pertaining to myself: I’m incredibly brand loyal. And my brand loyalism carries over to where, and from whom I obtain my anime. In the case of K-On!!, I turn to – and only to – CoalGuys. This week, due to some personal conflicts (you can visit them to read more about it), K-On!! Episode Eighteen was subbed and released late. But that’s okay. It gave me a whole extra day to build up my anticipation for what would ultimately be a great disappointment.

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k-on!! episode sixteen

Another Azu-nyan episode and probably the best of all we’ve seen so far. I would account it to the balanced mix of screen time between her senpai and her classmates. Plus we had the opportunity to see Azusa interact with a couple of the senior girls individually in the absence of the others – starting with Mugi, which meant more Mugi for all!


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k-on!! episode (fourteen &) fifteen

Whee I’m back! I know I missed an important episode last week (MUGI) so I’ll add a few thoughts on episode 14 as well as this week’s installment of K-On!!. But let’s start with the new opening and ending: Our last opening wasn’t my personal favourite – in fact, I’m sure the pitchiness of it made the ears of dogs bleed all over the world. There’s no relief for our poor ears this second opening around either since they’ve stuck with the same high pitched, hyper paced style. Jesus159159159 of Sea Slugs defended the animation in the opening though, so I decided a good compromise was to watch the opening a few times with the sound off. …And it’s really not all that bad.

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k-on!! episode thirteen

This would have been a terrible ending had it been the last episode of this second season of K-On!!, but since it wasn’t the last episode (I’ve received a lot of comments and support that indicate we’re getting 26 episodes – yay) I have to say… It was still kind of boring. It did serve to bring up one very important question that’s been lingering in the background since the beginning of this season though, and that is what will happen to the Light Music Club (and Azu-nyan) once the four senior girls graduate.

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k-on!! episode twelve

No. School. Uniforms. At. All!

No music either though… And here I thought we might get some music (though I hadn’t been foolish enough to anticipate hearing from our After School Tea Time girls in particular) this episode considering the setting was a two-day, non-stop summer music festival. My greatest hope for this episode though, is that it’ll spawn a one-shot episode where the girls perform live at the festival themselves (like the “Live” episode we got last season). Though, to be fair, there was barely any performing in that extra. Why do I watch this show again?

Oh yeah: Because of her.

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k-on!! episode eleven

Episode Eleven of K-On!! is titled “Hot” which is timely since it’s summer where I am. I’ll admit that a summer in my city probably isn’t as hot as a summer in their city but it makes you sleepy and lazy nonetheless – which means less work gets done in general…

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