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Durarara 19 and 20 + 21: Rewind

Episode 20 seemed like watching a re-montage of 19.  Yeah we see enough actions considering that they are just built up episodes to the final showdown.  Before we begin a few service announcements:  League of Legends is pretty legit.  Just DotA is much more legit.  ICCUP is the way to go.  Onward.

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Durarara 17 and 18: Wounds

Yay! Poro is BACH! Do to relatively small natural disasters, My electrical supply lines were severed as the forces of natured pitted me in a two front war.  I was forced to fight them both off with my black gloves of justice and guard skills, more commonly known as a bucket, sponge, and pink rubber gloves you can get at a 99 cents store.  I decided to take on the closure of the Slasher arc and Kida’s past.  BTW I would like to propose the creation of the Izaya is a MotherFucking Dick Society. (IMFDS )

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