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The world’s most useless data: Kimi to Boku II Cat Meter – Ep 1-2

I’m not sure if anyone has started this, but I’m going to do it! I’m going to count every random cat shots in Kimi to Boku II. At least, I’ll finally have a reason to watch that boring show. So, for all of those who are planning to marathon this series and do a drinking game at the same time, I’m gathering the world’s most useless data for you, so that you know how much and what kind of drinks you need. I was actually supposed to introduce the cat meter on this week’s A Week in Review, but I don’t think I can finish it. I have too many first impressions that I haven’t finished doing. In addition, I’m pretty busy next week. So, I might as well introduce this totally useless thing on this individual post and continue the count for Episode 3 on April 16th-22nd’s A Week in Review.

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12 Days of Anime #5: How ‘Slice of Life’ Made a Home in My Heart

I have to be honest: When I first started watching anime, I was drawn to the shows that were fantastical, that involved magic, different dimensions, futuristic worlds, or mecha. Whether it was the ability to manipulate natural elements, mold chakra, recite spells, perform superhuman feats, or interact with and drive a really cool piece of machinery, it was these kinds of shows that interested me. And only these shows.

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Funny Shit: Picture Joke on Kimi to Boku.

I felt I had to post this:

Don’t watch an anime called Boku…

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Kimi to Boku: First Impression

Kimi to Boku is one of this season’s feel good shows; low key, slice of life, nothing exciting. Its animation style is extremely easy going, somewhat similar to Usagi Drop of last season; there are no sharp angles, no overly vibrant colours, and no desktop wallpaper worthy scenery. (Except maybe when the kitty walks across the front of the vending machines.) So is it any surprise that I’m extremely underwhelmed by the first episode of this show? And is that, perhaps, the point?

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