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Nyan Koi! episode 11

I’m late, I know; I’m sorry. I’ve had a busy week thus far which included spending over an hour in the cold shoveling snow and chipping inch-thick-ice off the driveway. But enough of my misery and on with the review. Besides, Junpei’s misery is much more entertaining.

So it wasn’t that someone else had knocked over Jizou-sama’s statue, but that Kirishima Keizou, the priest, had accidentally caused it to fall over again, revealing to the public (specifically his *ahem* pay-as-you-go-lady-friend) that the statue was in fact broken. Keizou then approaches the faithful patrons to help fund the costs of repairing the statue but it’s apparently very expensive. Junpei then decides to be a man and gets a part-time job to help pay for the repairs. Unfortunately, he works with this one:

Surely this is sexual harassment.

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Nyan Koi! episode 10

Quick note: There was a slight mix-up with Episode 10 (sorry everyone) but here’s my review – which also brings us all up to date in the series. I hope everyone is enjoying this anime as much as I am!

Despite all his cat-hating-grumpiness, I have to admit, Junpei is a really good guy. It’s no wonder so many girls like Kanako and Kaede are attracted to him. Oh yeah… and these two:

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Nyan Koi! episode 9

I know Kaza’s been reviewing Nyan Koi but he’s going on a bit of a hiatus so I’ll be finishing up the season for him. Forgive me in advance for the lack of his humor and observation of Junpei’s finer “male” mannerisms. (Did I hear boobies going “booing” somewhere in the distance?)

In Episode Nine, we explore Sumiyoshi’s feelings for Junpei a little more. …In a swimming pool setting. Who doesn’t like to study for finals at an indoor pool?

(I use this picture because it’s too cute to ignore. I do that to my cat sometimes; it’s probably why he bites me.)

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