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arakawa under the bridge episode five

Maria gets her own opening which leads into the continuation of Maria versus Sister and their unusual relationship. I wouldn’t go as far as to consider them a couple, but I think Maria and Sister both like each other. Maria obviously gets a kick out of causing Sister blood loss (though she seems to get a kick out of demeaning anyone) and as Sister mentioned in the previous episode, insults are Maria’s way of showing affection. (Makes you wonder what she does when she doesn’t like someone.) Sister takes his defamation stoically; the only give away that Maria’s words have any impact is through the opening of his old battle scars – which is just too funny to watch. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but Maria’s words can cause death.

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arakawa under the bridge episode four

Nino and Recruit’s first date!

Sure we all thought the Lambo, fancy dinner, champagne, and karaoke with the Prime Minister’s wife would’ve made a great date, but walking for 12 kilometres (or 7.45645431 miles) to the mouth of a river is so much more fitting for Nino and Recruit’s growing relationship. There was no opening monologue this time around, but Halfadeckshort made some really insightful ties in his review between the story and the monologues – particularly the grass boat which Nino set sail down the river. We pick up with the grass boat again which also gives us an opportunity to see a more candid and raw Nino, and just the tiniest glimpse to her past.

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