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Anime 2008: A year in review

How the hell am I supposed to open this post? I’m talking about every single anime in 2008, the best and the worst in every category. I haven’t seen everything this year obviously, such as Aria, ef, Shigofumi and DMC, but I’ve had a chance to check out pretty much everything else. Anyway, here we go 😀

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

Since I'm limiting this to only anime which began airing in 2008, there will be no Gintama. But it deserves a mention anyway for being so consistently funny

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Kurenai Complete

A few months back, after sampling the first episode of kurenai, I immediately KIV-ed it till the series finishes knowing the plot will be moving pretty slow, even for a 12 episode series and I was right. The series slowly built up the characters without going into the main plot and eases into the main plot at the right moment without feeling too rushed. It’s a slice of life kinda series but there’s still some pretty nice action scenes which reminded me of nabari no ou, without the jutsu stuff of course.

Along the course of the series, we are treated to mini-lessons of (cliche but eh oh well), true happiness, the lesson of being independent and uh true love? Most importantly, a major point put across is the question of traditions or customs passed down in society/families. Do we have to accept it blindly just because it’s a long lasting tradition or because we have been so diffused into the culture/tradition/custom we are numbed to it? What is the level of standard do we have to compare to to make the right choice? Or are only those with power, be it political, monetary or strength be the one who is right. This actually makes me think of motherland, a certain red dot below Brian’s motherland, Malaysia~. My country certainly has its share of ups and downs but lately…it hasn’t been going too well for a certain ministry what with a few BIG fiascos. Could this be an indication of the future comings? Is it perhaps time for a change of the culture? Revamp the system? Replace the top brass? That certainly didn’t happen in kurenai. In reality, it wouldn’t be possible too. So what happen is we have to fight from within the system. To do so outside the system would only prolong the problem and not solve it. Within the same playing field, even with the opposition having the upperhand, the fight must continue because it must be done.

Hm, objective of reviewing kurenai without revealing spoilers complete. WEeeeeeee! On a side note, Allison and Real Driver got kiv-ed. The former bored me to tears after an exciting first four episodes and the latter seemed to be more fun to watch in one go.


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