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I bet there will be another season of DTB and SUNRISE announced Code Geass Project

Long title, I know. But I have a thought to share about DTB and also to confirm the news about Code Geass. First, DTB. Judging by the fact that there are only 2 episodes left to go for DTB Gemini of the Meteor, it is obvious that this season of DTB won’t be answering many of questions asked from the first season. This brings me to believe that there might be another season of DTB and they should. The second season of DTB fails to bring any closure to the events from the first season, and instead, asked more questions relevant to this season. To the least, there were a few points from the past brought to light. For instance, in the recent episode 10, we all get to see Mao’s original human body and how he lost his body to an explosion. The aftermath of the Tokyo explosion was also revealed in bits of details, not in a whole, just like how the writers like to do. What is certain, the events in this season of DTB only apply to this season alone without giving any significant relation to the actual plot from previous season. Questions like, how Hei got his power and why he is unique compared to most contractors; what is Hei’s sister, Bai, true capability and where is she at the moment; who are behind the Syndicate and what are their intentions; and lastly, how contractors, Heaven’s Gate, and Hell’s Gate come to exist. These questions were asked from the first season and yet, this sequel fails to carry out this sentiment and come forth with their conclusions. Despite being a drag, the writers did not fail to deliver the same intrigue they created from the first season of DTB. It is this intrigue that lures fans to the franchise and makes us beg for more. Having said so, I do want more DTB and this time, I hope the writers actually make an effort to draw an conclusion to the grand plot of the series.

These three are wishing to the shooting star for another sequel.

In an unrelated news, more words are surfacing about a Code Geass sequel. Honestly, it only came to my attention as this rumour was brought to the never-ending discussion of whether or not Lelouch is dead. A quick check with ANN confirms this. According to ANN, Bandai first teased a detail on Code Geass Project on their mobile website with an ominous call for a rebirth. From how I see it, it is a remake, just like how I hoped for before. In fact, SUNRISE did speculate earlier this year on future plans for Code Geass though it was not specified whether it is a sequel (I really doubt it) or a remake (better this way). Later on, SUNRISE played down that speculation. Finally, a confirmation was made by the producer of Code Geass, Kawaguchi Yoshitaka, on the official site, saying that a new project dubbed Code Geass Project is currently under development and is expected to debut on 2010. He promised more details to be revealed on the January issue of NewType. Just so you know, this new project is NOT A SEQUEL to Code Geass but I do believe that SUNRISE had finally decided to make Code Geass their permanent franchise, like what they did with Gundam. This means, it’s all about Geass but with different characters (though with similarities to the previous Code Geass) and a totally different timeline (like how SUNRISE does on the Gundam franchise). Some suggested that the Geass abilities are retained but not the mechas. But who are you kidding with? This is SUNRISE, for Pete’s sake! Without a doubt, I’m very sure mechas are still in play so that Bandai can reap out the profits from the franchise (credits to Immortal for the character pics).

New characters for the upcoming Code Geass project. Try to guess which is which? I’m pretty sure C.C. is the middle one.


Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 10

We are down to 2 more episodes and it is getting more exciting as it is. Turns out the revelation revealed in the previous episode, about Suou being dead 12 years ago, is a key point to the whole plot for this season, which leads to this very important fact: Shion has the ability to replicate an object. This fact alone probably answers a whole lot of questions that we have in for this season and I have several theories of my own. Scroll to the bottom of the page for my thoughts of the episode. But first, the episode synopsis.

“I promise I won’t bite, Mom.”

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 8 and 9

Whoops! Another long hiatus and I’ve missed two episodes of DTB. Once I caught up to it, writing two separate reviews would be a pain in the arse. Hence, the bi-episodic review of DTB this time. As a matter of fact, these two episodes are very good episodes individually. In one episode, it’s a swimsuit special (and also the second time get to see Misaki in her swimsuit — oh, fanservice please!) and the return of the good ol’ Li Shun Sheng, or better known as Hei. On the other episode, we have the biggest plot twist to the season. Dum dum dummm! Getting more exciting, isn’t it? More after the jump.

The good old times. Or as how I see it: DTB swimsuit special.

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 7

If there is anything this episode had proved to us is that a contractor does not need to use his or her ability to kill. Hei can do it, and so can Suou. The biggest surprise of this episode is definitely the fact that Dr. Pavlichenko is still alive and he has Shion with him. Slowly, the bigger picture to the whole plot is being revealed as all sides are now in Japan for pursue a common goal. This episode is also one of the good ones from this season. This review is going to be long. So please bear with me. More after the jump.

“This tea tastes funny. Oh wait, there’s a moon inside my drink.”

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 6

I know this comes in a little late but I can’t help it. Had my final exams for the past 2 weeks and I had to put this review on the backseat, despite this episode is the better one for the season. As predicted, Yin is alive though unconscious. Yet her lingering ghost suggests otherwise. And with special powers, Yin a.k.a. Izanami is the real deal of DTB this time around. That means BK201 is off the spotlight. More after the jump.

A brief family reunion.

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Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 5

Another plot added, this time, by the code name Izanami. This brings another question mark to this already mystery-laden story. Although things seem to pick up for the plot progress, this episode however felt more like a filler to me. No real development and the epilogue of Suou’s past did not help either. The only real progress to the story are the introduction of another contractor for Section 3, Michiru, and the first mention of Izanami. The rest are all about Suou, which makes me sad because Hei is no longer the central character of DTB. It felt that DTB Gemini is only an OVA instead of a sequel.

Not sure which is a better father figure: alcoholic Hei or obviously-not-human Pecha/Mao
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[PV] Tsukiakari no Michishirube by Stereopony

It took me awhile to get a hang to this. I’ll admit it; I’m not such a huge fan of this song nor of Stereopony. I do however think that it’s better than their take on Gundam 00 OP, Namida no Mukou. DTB Gemini ED by abingdon boys school is better but the single is not out yet but I’ll post it up as soon as it is released. If you want the song, you can get the PV rip here. Cheers!


Darker than BLACK: Gemini of the Meteor episode 4

I need to remind myself that DTB Gemini only has 12 episodes. Yet the story just getting better and better by the episode. More new characters introduced though it seems that DTB is going back to its usual niche of having several filler characters and to mention that they’re back in Tokyo. Not sure if the FSB are at their tail but I can see that all the main players are in the story. So Hei is trying to train Suou into a formidable contractor while Misaki is trying to edge closer to the truth behind BK201, Section 3 and the Syndicate. More after the jump.

Mrs. Holmes got it all wrong
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