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kyousogiga, the best anime this season

Against the entire bastion of super powered students on a drill-like campus.   Toe to toe with everything beyond the boundary.  Smacking medusae and rampant vampires like it ain’t no thang.  Kyousogiga comes from behind as an awkward underdog that somehow strangely hits the top.  It’s like Megurine Luka beating every other vocaloid in a track race.

[Anime-Koi] Kyousougiga - 01 [h264-720p][D01445E5].mkv_snapshot_09.27_[2013.10.13_16.16.16]

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This season, I’ve decided I won’t be reviewing any one show. This is mainly due to the fact that there isn’t really any show I want to review this season. So, instead, I’m going to review whatever OVAs and movies air and I can get my hands on. I know some OVAs and anime movies are based on pre-existing shows and may or may not make sense to me based on whether or not I’ve seen the preceding series (or read the manga series), so I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

And on that same thought, I chose Kyousogiga to start with because, as far as I can tell, it’s a one-shot. (I suppose now would be a good time to warn about possible spoilers; I’m not spoiling intentionally, just subconsciously.)

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