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Letter Bee episode 11

My brain has been going through overdrive with all these 12 days posts I’ve been writing. In fact I was getting worried that I wouldn’t be able to come up with much to write about in regards to this latest episode of Letter Bee. That thought crossed my mind briefly before I watched the episode but I kept to the belief that this episode of Letter Bee would be good enough for me to have enough to write about. Hmmm…

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Letter Bee episode 10

When you drop a crap anime you simply ignore it for the rest of your life. However if you drop an average anime you might keep track of anime blogs to see if it improved and whether it’s worth picking up again. Those people who decided their decision was a correct one after episode 8 and 9 might what to re-think their views a bit. Episode 9 was a huge step in the right direction and Lag barely cried at all!

The above paragraph may or may not be a thinly veiled attempt at getting people to continue reading my posts.

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November Roundup

I thought that this would be the year that everyone remembers as the year Crunchyroll got their hands on about half of the anime airing. But Crunchyroll appears to have a far less impression on the anime world than I originally thought they would. Is it because of the rather suspect quality of their streams and subtitles? As a subscriber myself I can certainly vouch for some very dodgy work on Book of Bantorra. Is it because they could only get their hands on the lower-quality anime airing? If you go to the tag cloud on Animenano, how many of the bigger tags are on Crunchyroll? Or is it because anime fans really are the biggest bunch of cheap-ass dickheads that the ANNfags claim they are? Ah well, at least Crunchyroll have Gintama and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Source for Gintama image

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Letter Bee episode 9

Generally I wouldn’t do an episode recap. I feel I’ve found my niche with my current blogging tactic of ‘take random scene from the episode and blab about it’. However I felt that for this episode of Letter Bee an episode recap would be a fine way of tackling this episodic review. So without further ado, let’s get rolling.

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Letter Bee episode 8

Grab the sandbags, move to higher ground, women and children first. The tearducts have opened and, judging by the next episode preview, they’re not going to be stopping for quite a while. Yes, my loyal yet slightly confused readers, this is the episode where not just Lag but a load of other characters in Letter Bee lets their emotions get the better or them, whether it’s through flashbacks or whatever, and let the tears flow.

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Letter Bee episode 7

Well, I’d planned to do two episodes at a time because thus far Letter Bee had taken the route of a sorta double-episodic structure. Typical really that it should abandon that just when I decide to change format. The next episode preview after episode 8 was more Sylvette and was clearly a direct continuation of what had just happened. So I thought ‘screw that’ and so here I am, a whole week behind, blogging episode 7. *Sigh* I suppose I knew that as soon as I said I was going by a double-episode format that I’d jinxed it and Letter Bee would change. Oh, we also have these lovely author pictures now so you know which one of us is writing the post. They were made by Brian and by god are they infinitely superior to my shitty versions.

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Letter Bee episode 6

With the double-episodic format that Letter Bee appears to be taking I think it’s high time to change the direction of my blogging routine. Similar to when watching the first season of Darker than Black, it was always a far more enjoyable experience to watch two episodes in a row. So from now on I’m going to be waiting two weeks so I can watch the two episodes at once. Obviously, this will mean a change in blogging tactics. So from now on I’m going to blog Letter Bee two episodes at a time. Since neither MAL nor ANN seem to know how many episodes this show will have combined with the fact that it’s Pierrot making it, I’m assuming that Letter Bee is going to continue on for quite a number of episodes. So unless they change their approach sometime in the future or it suddenly becomes clear that there’s only going to be 13 episodes, I’m sticking to the 2 episode per post plan.


For now though, let’s continue with this episode.

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Letter Bee episode 5

While I’m always the person trying to defend the latest season of anime as not being a pile of hopeless moe crap, this season has been a bit of a disappointment. I’ve ended up cutting my list down to only watching 4 anime from the Autumn season. Thankfully the upcoming Winter season looks pretty cool and CLEARLY NOT FULL OF MOE CRAP OMGWTFQXCRGS….


Oh yeah, Letter Bee. Right, onto that then.

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