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12 Days of Anime – Final: Year in Pictures

By definition anime is all about animation, moving pictures if you get down to the very basics and there certainly was plenty of visual stimulation this year.

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Level E -9… It’s easier to build a pole than dig a hole

Ouji is back in town, and with him the arc finale. As expected from his Highness, Kraft is the one to pay the broken plates and after an excellent deployment of diplomatic capacity during previous episode, we can almost feel his inner guts get consumed in gastric acids because of Prince’s behavior.

Even romantic stories can be fun, you know?… Probably if Shakespeare had watched level E before writing Romeo and Juliet, even kids would have enjoyed it before arriving to puberty.

Anyway, straight to the story.

I didn't sleep waiting for this episode... NOT!

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Level E – Episode 4… And in the End He created laughter…

Just for you to know, after this episode I feel that I really HATE this show…

Don't play innocent with me... YOU know why!

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Level E – Episode 3.. Chronicle of a joke foretold!

Ossu! After 2 excellent episodes, I was wondering how the story would unfold, (as I said, I haven’t read the manga and don’t plan to do it until the anime is completed…). I had some ideas on how Baka would trick them all and get out of the mess he created without a scratch… Dude, I was soooo wrong about everything!

Get prepared...

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Level E – Episodes 1 & 2

Oi! Last night I arrived home as usual, turned on my laptop, opened my always trustful and free mail inbox and suddenly found an item that made me feel as a kid in Christmas morning! (No, I didn’t won any lotto prize neither I received a date invitation from Anne Hathaway.. but close enough…), I had been accepted as one of the new cannon fodders (ahem!) authors for Bokutachi no BLOG!!, hence been worn up with the task to entertain our loyal readers, try to bring new ones into our clan and by that means add a new chapter in this blog’s Epic History. That been said, allow me to start with the show:

Believe it or not, the "E" in the title IS for E.T.

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