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12 moments in Anime #11: The Curry Fairy

Alternative Title: That moment when Asread stopped having characters walking through doors and table corners and actually animated something glorious. Alternative Title 2: This is just a 12 days post about Minami-ke Okaeri. Please don’t expect much.

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Winter Anime Season Preview: 2008/09

Just about got this out before the new season started….well, asides from the ones that aired online already, seems to be a new trend. What more can I say, onto the previews!
If there happens to be nothing worthwhile this season, there's always more Xam'd

If nothing worthwhile appears this season, at least there's always more Xam'd

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Fall 2007 Anime Anyone?

Last Thursday, I had a brief trip to KL as I have hours to spare while waiting for my transiting flight to Miri via AirAsia. Anyway I made it clear to pay Pavillion KL a visit and it was love at first sight. As much as I wanted to blog about it, given that I snapped a few shots inside Pavillion, I decided to share about it later because I did not bring my camera cable back home. So no photos, no blog post. Also I want to make it official that J.Co Donuts and Coffee is the best – their doughnuts I mean.

I know, it’s fall season and more new animes are out for viewing. I was dire to get the list a few weeks back and got it. Sadly to say, I was disappointed by the anime title. None of them excites me, though we are seeing some sequels in store. Not to mention that Summer 2007 Anime has more better titles compared to this season. Regarding the second season of Suzumiya Haruhi, it was confirmed to be slated for the coming winter season, around January 2008. Well, that shoots down all rumours about the series’ comeback for fall season. Nonetheless I do plan to follow some anime titles, have some preview of those and make my verdict. Here are some titles that were marked on my list:
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Welcome to Bokutachi no Blog. That's "Our Blog" in Japanese. Our Anime Blog, to be exact. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. Don't worry, this blog is children-safe and no misdemeanor acts here. Sorry, you bald, middle-aged perverts. But thanks for the hit anyway.

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