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[In Progress]Gundam 00 S2 Episode 3: The Strategy to Rescue Allelujah

I gotta say this : This is the BEST episode so far for season 2. It’s full of win  and GAR from setsuna and crew. Epic battle scenes. Watch this space for the full review some time soon, got lots of schoolwork these few days. Waking up at 0700hrs and leaving school at 2000 hrs is no joke two days in a row. In the meantime, shock and awe from the powderful gundams!

Recycling is goood.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 2: Twin Drives

This episode builds up from episode 1 as setsuna gathers the remaining personnel for celestial being, namely Lynes and Sumeragi. There sure is a lot of hints and questions of future plots from the OP and ED so I will just note down my thoughts together with a brief summary. I have many pictures which I wish to caption but due to time constraint, I could only insert all of them as a gallery and hyperlink them to my ‘review/summary’. Hope you guys enjoy the screenies as much as I do.

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Gundam 00 S2 Episode 1: The Angels Advent

Finally, the return of the terminator! Gundam Exia! Or what remains of it. I would like to skip giving a summary but I thought it would be better to write down my thoughts together with a brief summary. As such, SPOILERS ARE TO BE EXPECTED!

Thoughts and comments:

Wow, Gundam 00 Season 2 sure started out with a big bang! Flashy mecha engagements, big nice fireworks and a revamped political landscape. Same ol gundam with even more new mechas! Tis a good season to begin. The insert music is very fitting as well for the A-laws which chills me whenever listen to it. Cold heartless A-laws? Not surprising considering ribbons, probably a cyborg is in charge of A-laws, made up of a bunch of blood thirsty warmongers. Or not. Just doing their job, ridding the world of kataron. so what is kataron?

P.S. Will add in more pictures later!

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Gundam 00 OST 01 and 02

Gundam 00 has great offering of OSTs that accompanies well with many scenes in the anime. No surprise about this as the great Kawai Kenji was given the honour to compose the music for Gundam 00. Putting the anime aside, the OSTs alone are very memorable thanks to its great composition and arrangement. The musical sequences in the OST albums are also great. And of course, the OSTs are solid solely because several key events in the story of Gundam 00 are accompanied with these OSTs.

In OST 01, Kawai Kenji came with introductory themes to the album and surprisingly, none of the OP and ED are included in the album. Most of the OSTs are those often played throughout the series and have to admit it, some are rather boring to listen to. Nonetheless there are some good one. But rather than being good, I took liking to it because of the characters of the story. One OST in particular is SETSUNA. As the name suggested, this is the theme music for Setsuna. Not that I like the music – the pseudo-Arabic arrangement somehow gives me the image of the Afghan desert instead – nor do I like the character. However amongst the album tracks, SETSUNA was well composed, taking all pitches perfectly. My favourite has to be UNION, simply because this OST reminds me of Graham. Yes, Graham is one kakoii mobile suit pilot and it’s a shame that he has to take the role of a villain next season (if the mask is any indication). Another notable one is INTERVENTION which I dubbed as Celestial Being’s theme. POWER is a similar track with the same melody with as slightly different arrangement. To listen to the full album, download Gundam 00 OST 01 here.

When compared to OST 01, OST 02 is far better in terms of arrangement and its represented scene in the anime. Why not? Take REASON, for example, which was played as Lockon’s requiem theme and when Saji first met Louise in the hospital to found out about her miserable fate. Another favourite of mine is FIGHT, which was well remembered for the debut of Trans-Am. The best part of this is that this tracks follows after REASON, which I must say a good track arrangement. In fact there are requiem tracks in this album and this is probably because there are more deaths going on the final arc of the 1st season. One of which is MEMORY which is the requiem theme for Licthendal and Christina and also Kinue’s as well. Even the OSTs for the Trinity siblings are not bad. Among them are COUNTERATTACK which was during the HRL’s GN-X team assault on the sibling’s secret base in South Africa. Indeed OST 02 has better track and you can download the full album here as well.


Gundam 00 (Episode 25/Finale)

I’ve been busy on many things: my blog, my lecture notes, my assignments. Worse still, I’ve just recently gotten episode 25 of Gundam 00. Otherwise I might get this reviewed much earlier than now.

Lasse told Setsuna to blow up the container as it is no longer needed. And so he did, hoping that the explosion would do some damage to the Alvatore. But it was far from making a scratch to it. More after the jump.

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Gundam 00 (Episode 24)

Lockon’s passing was hard on everyone. Sestuna recalls his first day being recruited to Celestial Being when he met Lockon for the first time. Lockon was the first one who accepted him regardless of his tender age. Once Setsuna returns to Ptolemaios, Tieria vents his anger towards Setsuna and blames him for Lockon’s death. Sumeragi however snapped him out of it and told him that the fight is far from over. More after the jump.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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Gundam 00 (Episode 23)

Had been very busy for the past few days. Furthermore I got episode 23 of Gundam 00 very late, hence explaining my delay. At least, that problem is resolved for the time being. Now that episode 24 is out, we are one episode away from the season finale and I bet that it’s gonna be explosive.

After the Meisters received their Gundam upgrade, the Trans-Am system, Ptolemaios crews scrambled to prepare themselves for the possible retaliation from the GN-X team. Sumeragi began explaining about the Trans-Am system after their thorough analysis. More after the jump.

 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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Gundam 00 (Episode 22)

Episode 22 is by far, my favourite Gundam 00 episode. And as a result, a mega load screencaps for your viewing pleasure. P/s: Exia never looks this glossy before.

After sustaining injury from the previous battle, Lockon was given immediate treatment. Sumetagi suggested he should be relieved from his duties but Lockon has no intention of slacking off. Meanwhile Tieria who secluded himself, blamed himself for what had happened to Lockon. More after the jump.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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