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C: Money is Fiction

I don’t blog C, but this is interesting.  Even though, it is from This American Life.  It has strong relevance to the topic at hand.  NO, the topic isn’t about MIDAS NOODLES WITH TENTACLE GRAPE ON THE SIDE!! (although that would totally be awesomerific.)  It’s about what money and what it actually is.

Also, new rule!! First comment must include FIRST BLOOOOD!!  in their comment somewhere.  E.g.



Poro, YOUR Da b3st b1o993r of all time!!



[C] Episode 1.. Wanna make a deal?

Here we are again.. after a nice 3 weeks hiatus, I finally got something more to write about. Past season shows left me with a good impression (still waiting for Madoka to end.. 04/21, almost there!!) and new season shows seem to be doing pretty good during their initial episodes.

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As stated in the Spring Review, I will be blogging [C] The money of bla bla bla… (too much to remember after just one episode..). Yeah, Noitamina again,  and I just hope this time I’m able to watch some really amazing show, although gotta say i won’t rise my expectations anymore.

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