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Sora No Woto – Episode 2

By now, if you find yourself reading this review, it’s either because you just recently found out about this show or you were waiting and decided to see if it was worth it. For those of you who ride second in that last statement, would you like me to answer your question? I would say it depends. Most people might not be fans of Moe, (which btw, neither am I) but this turned out to be a little more then just some mere Moe, trust me.

Better character design, better art, funnier, better adventures, yet there is only one thing that it still lacks… A real fricken story-line!

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Because Malaysia is an Otakuland!

Update: I got it all wrong. It was not “Don’t Bother None” and it wasn’t “Gotta Knock a Little Harder” as well. My bad. Either way, if you want the songs, just click on the provided links.

Driving is boring without some anime songs.

Driving is boring without some anime songs.

This happened 2 days ago, so I’m posting this kind of late but what happened remains to be a surprising revelation. It happened when I was driving on my way to work after I had my lunch when the radio DJ from the national English station, Traxx FM, began mutter out (I’m not exactly a radio listener but this one was too good to catch my attention) a very familiar name: Yoko Kanno. So the DJ continued as I quote:

Next up is a soundtrack from Yoko Kanno, used as the opening song for the animated movie, Cowboy Bebop. Here’s “Ask DNA”.

I went like “MAJI KA?” And yes, the DJ was not kidding. An anime song! Played on the national radio! On the airwaves! Listened by most Malaysians! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only otaku hyped out about this. So if you’re Malaysian, do tell if you had something similar of an encounter such as this one. Malaysia is indeed, truly OTAKU!

In case you’re wondering which Cowboy Bebop song I’m referring to, click here to play.


[PV] Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi – UVERworld

Here’s something for the Gundam and UVERworld fans alike. UVERworld had released the PV for their latest single, Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi, which was used for the opening theme for Gundam 00 season 2. So my verdict? The song sounds way better in the OP rather than the full PV cover. Either way, the fans would definitely be itching to have their hands on this PV. For the full PV rip, click here.


Code Geass R2 Second OP and ED

Yes, it’s a little late for me to introduce the new OP and ED for Code Geass R2 now. But not doing so doesn’t seems right to me anyway, so I give it a go. In addition to the usual sceencaps and video of the OP and ED, I’ll add the PV for WORLD END performed by Flow.

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Word of the Voice [PV] by FLOW

The song is just amazing. It’s good, very good. And I have really wished that this song was made for Code Geass R2 instead. But I guess it’s a fair thing to do as well. Otherwise Code Geass would only become a lot better. Why not? If the OP for their first season, which is COLORS by FLOW took top honours in many anime awards in Japan. One of the comments of my previous post on Shiawase Neiro suggested (or rather confirmed) that the second OP will be by FLOW once again with the title WORLD END. But heck, it is confirmed! And whether you’ll be surprised by this or not, even the second ED is another comeback by ALI PROJECT. Odd? I don’t think so.

Before we get all excited for the highly anticipated OP by FLOW, let’s get to their latest single, WORD OF THE VOICE which was also used as OP for Persona -Trinity Soul-. As I described earlier, the song is amazing. The PV may be a tad too odd, even if to compare with the anime Persona, I’d say it’s still good. But then again, what’s up with the green paint… and that topless guy?

Fret not. This song is also available for download on this blog. Now,  you can enjoy this song on your iPod (or maybe your iPhone?). And no, I’m not gimmicking that Apple guy *glares at Steve*

p/s: still getting over the iPhone 3G fever…


Shiawase Neiro [PV] by Orange Range

Orange Range’s latest single, Shiawase Neiro, had just been released. And yes, it’s a song from Code Geass R2 for its ending song. This PV is typical of any other Japanese PV. The featured story is about the separation of a couple which ended with a reunion. Isn’t it typical? Anyway, it is a song about happiness. No harm done there. Nonetheless, I do not like this song as much as O2. Even after said that, both songs are not of my liking. I really wish Flow do the song for Code Geass R2 next time around because they sure did well for Persona ~trinity soul~ with their song, Word of the Voice. Maybe I should post that up later?

The song is now available for download from this blog. Click here to start downloading.



The PV for Code Geass R2 OP song, O2 by Orange Range had been released two weeks ago. Yes, I am quite late on this. Nonetheless, here’s the PV and also some of my thoughts about the PV. ORANGE RANGE is always quirky in many of their PV and O2 is no exception. It is interesting that they bring in the medieval Japan setting to the PV and what is even more interesting is how they portray themselves to possess special powers. Not that I want to compare it with Code Geass but one of them did use a power similar to Rollo’s, which is to stop people’s movement. Have a good laugh watching this PV.

You can also download the song here. Also included in this post is VELTPUNCH’s Crawl and Elisa’s Hikari from the anime Nabari no Ou. Cheers!



Alright, so nabari no ou’s OP, Crawl by VELTPUNCH has been released as a PV rip and there should be a mp3 rip out there right? That’s right,sringangel from livejournal has kindly agreed to allow us to use her
hotlink for the song which you can download here.

Go over to her site and give your thanks =D

Hm, was bored so I clicked the 1st thing I saw on her livejournal. (Below is a printscreen because the code misbehaved in wordpress, I’m so gonna spank wordpress.)

Speed test

This makes me an excellent typist and thus, blogger. *Goes off to polish up Nabari Ep 1 review.


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