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Alright, so nabari no ou’s OP, Crawl by VELTPUNCH has been released as a PV rip and there should be a mp3 rip out there right? That’s right,sringangel from livejournal has kindly agreed to allow us to use her
hotlink for the song which you can download here.

Go over to her site and give your thanks =D

Hm, was bored so I clicked the 1st thing I saw on her livejournal. (Below is a printscreen because the code misbehaved in wordpress, I’m so gonna spank wordpress.)

Speed test

This makes me an excellent typist and thus, blogger. *Goes off to polish up Nabari Ep 1 review.


Nabari no ou OP and ED

Here I am, to dish out the goodness of Nabari no ou. I haven’t watch it yet (damn the broken links) but soon I will. There are currently two possible sources of which both I will review. The opening song by VELTPUNCH (new band?) is pretty rockish and I like it =) The ending song is more slow and soothing, pretty ok I guess. So have a look at the OP and ED while I catch up on Nabari. Both artists are unknown to me so I guess it’s a chance given to them to shine?

Nabari no ou OP – ‘CRAWL’ by VELTPUNCH

Nabari no ou ED – ‘HIKARI’ by ELISA


Gundam 00 OST 01 and 02

Gundam 00 has great offering of OSTs that accompanies well with many scenes in the anime. No surprise about this as the great Kawai Kenji was given the honour to compose the music for Gundam 00. Putting the anime aside, the OSTs alone are very memorable thanks to its great composition and arrangement. The musical sequences in the OST albums are also great. And of course, the OSTs are solid solely because several key events in the story of Gundam 00 are accompanied with these OSTs.

In OST 01, Kawai Kenji came with introductory themes to the album and surprisingly, none of the OP and ED are included in the album. Most of the OSTs are those often played throughout the series and have to admit it, some are rather boring to listen to. Nonetheless there are some good one. But rather than being good, I took liking to it because of the characters of the story. One OST in particular is SETSUNA. As the name suggested, this is the theme music for Setsuna. Not that I like the music – the pseudo-Arabic arrangement somehow gives me the image of the Afghan desert instead – nor do I like the character. However amongst the album tracks, SETSUNA was well composed, taking all pitches perfectly. My favourite has to be UNION, simply because this OST reminds me of Graham. Yes, Graham is one kakoii mobile suit pilot and it’s a shame that he has to take the role of a villain next season (if the mask is any indication). Another notable one is INTERVENTION which I dubbed as Celestial Being’s theme. POWER is a similar track with the same melody with as slightly different arrangement. To listen to the full album, download Gundam 00 OST 01 here.

When compared to OST 01, OST 02 is far better in terms of arrangement and its represented scene in the anime. Why not? Take REASON, for example, which was played as Lockon’s requiem theme and when Saji first met Louise in the hospital to found out about her miserable fate. Another favourite of mine is FIGHT, which was well remembered for the debut of Trans-Am. The best part of this is that this tracks follows after REASON, which I must say a good track arrangement. In fact there are requiem tracks in this album and this is probably because there are more deaths going on the final arc of the 1st season. One of which is MEMORY which is the requiem theme for Licthendal and Christina and also Kinue’s as well. Even the OSTs for the Trinity siblings are not bad. Among them are COUNTERATTACK which was during the HRL’s GN-X team assault on the sibling’s secret base in South Africa. Indeed OST 02 has better track and you can download the full album here as well.


Code Geass R2: OP and ED

Code Geass R2 is finally out and the first episode is impressive, if not, well beyond expectation. Those who are waiting for fansubs, that would be quite a trouble as Code Geass R2 has already been licensed by Bandai Entertainment. Many fansubs would not dare to sub Code Geass R2 but there will be always a few that will do something for the good of the fans worldwide. Wow! Talk about global domination. Well now I’m not going to talk about the premiere of Code Geass R2. Instead I’ll present you the OP and ED for Code Geass R2, both of which are performed by Orange Range.

Code Geass R2 OP – O2 by Orange Range

Code Geass R2 ED – Shiawase Niero by Orange Range

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Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia

I had great time during my brief stay in KL and to top it off, I’ve also bought my first ever copy of NEWTYPE USA magazine. The magazine is the December 2007 (a little backdated) issue with Code Geass on the cover. I’m on cloud nine!

It’s the mid-semester break for my university in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration, so I took the opportunity to go for a shopping holiday in KL. Furthermore the timing is considered perfect as I was able to attend a particular event there. While many Jay Chou’s fans thronged 1Utama shopping mall, I was on a separate event to attend one of the highlights of Malaysia’s music calander – Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia concert. The odd thing about the gig is that it lacks publicity. Most of my friends were not aware of the concert, not until when I told them about it. To be frank, I did not know about it in the first place if not for my friend. Thanks to her, I got the ticket. Even so, the day before the big day, the event was featured on The Star. So as far as the fanfare is concerned, there wasn’t much of it.

Switchfoot LIVE in MalaysiaOpening act by Love Me Butch…

Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia…and Altered Frequency. Continue reading ‘Switchfoot LIVE in Malaysia’


Ash Like Snow [PV] by the brilliant green

Keeping up to the demand, both of the new OP and ED for Gundam 00 – Ash Like Snow and Friends – are available for download. Also added is SEAMO’s Mata Aimashou which received quite a request recently. Happy downloading.

Following suit is the PV for Ash For Snow by the brilliant green. Maybe some of you have never heard of the brilliant green before but you might recall the band’s female lead singer  from Tommy february6 who did the OP and ED for Paradise Kiss. Ash Like Snow is applauded for the OP job for Gundam 00 as the first one, Daybreak’s Bell is does not tune well to the anime. This song which is faster paced and great music buildup is fitting for this anime of such genre. However I can’t say the same for the PV. Indeed you can see Haro and a sniper rifle, suggesting strongly of the Gundam influence into the PV and they chose the best man among the four (and my favourite) – Lockon Stratos. However the idea of having a couple of pandas doing the sniping job and the obviously fake explosion make this PV rather, how should I say it, horrid. Thankfully the animators did a much better job for the OP in Gundam 00. Otherwise the song is only best left to listen to. Again I said that the song’s buildup is good but that’s about it. I really like of how the song reaches towards the chorus but having it repetitively is not so great after all. Overall Friends (the song used for ED) is better, I repeat, overall. And not because that I am biased.


Friends [PV] by Stephanie

The moment I heard this song from Gundam 00, I got hooked to it instantly. Too bad that the song is only available on TV version. That is not the case any longer. The PV for Friends by Stephanie had just been released and now we get to listen to the whole track from the PV.

The PV is somewhat felt different compared to the TV version used for Gundam 00. It felt to me that the song is much more emo for the TV version while this one is a little more towards rock music. Nonetheless Stephanie becomes one of my  new favourite Japanese vocals around and I am looking forward for her debut album in March. I guess most Japanese from mixed parentage got natural talent in music.


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