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Nabari no ou dropped! Exia in singapore!

Yeap, I have told Brian I would dropping it due to

1) Lack of interest, the plot is soooo predictable/recycled I can’t stomach it anymore. (like uh, naruto all over again, condensed style, yes, the main character has a different personality, no, he doesn’t save the whole show)

2) Never did like the art in the 1st place.

3) Much mooaaar better moola out there!

I haven’t been posting much due to my part-time job in a secondary school taking much precedence (mid year examinations = mark mark mark, go thru, clear sh!t, do this do that!) BUT it’s finally the school holidays meaning more time for anime, blogging and…MECHA!

Yeap..and I still haven’t open up custom union flag and exia…just glad they flew safely over.

On a sidenote, I managed to finish Ghost hound before the mid year exams, might give it a well deserved post. Since I am ‘done’ with nabari, was wondering which anime should I blog about.

Current watchlist:

Blockbuster styled mecha anime:

  • Macross frontier – Space, Sci-Fi, Mecha, green hair lolis, what more needs to be said?
  • Code geass R2 (Boss took it!) – The One.

B grade action comedy

  • Allison to Lillia – It took off well, ended on a high note within 4 episodes and went into a slow slumber by the 6th episode. Ah well.

Have a good laugh! Watch these:

  • Soul eater – Shinigami with cranky sense of humour. Fantastically unrealistic it’s hilarious.
  • Toshokan Sensou – An original timeline which pits 2 different factions with their own agenda you MAY find amusing but not to the extent that you won’t take it seriously.

The kind you watch after kid’s bedtime (Art not as flashy as code geass nor macross but it’s the plot that counts):

  • Golgo 13 – Japanese James Bond, guns, bombs, girls, ok I lied, no plot, it’s all macho action here
  • Himitsu The Revelation – Uses pretty sensitive issues (gay, aging population) as plot material with focus on a section of the police using a special device to retrieve images from the victim’s brain after death to solve cases. Intriguing anime to say the least


  • Kurenai – Too slow in the plot just like ghost hound.

So which should I pick to replace Nabari? Hm.


nabari no ou episode 3+4

We continue to follow the footsteps of the award winning act cute protagonist together with his 3 guardians into the hidden fuuma ninja village.

Edit: Due to my hectic work and procrastinations, this will be a combined review of episode 3, Raid and episode 4, Assignment (I didn’t like the translation, based on the chinese characters, it would be more appropriate to name it “Mission Briefing” oh well).

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nabari no ou episode 2

Alright, so here’s a quick look at episode 2 without going too deep into it. We are first given a recapped on [Spoilers] the powers of the shinra banshou after which we see kumohira pledging his loyalty to miharu. [En d spoiler]His response?

This is my motto.

Ramen approaching.

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nabari no ou episode 1[spoilers aplenty]

Ok, so here’s nabari no.1. Let’s first take a look at the anime series’s name : Nabari no ou. A quick reference to ANN provides two alternative titles or should I just say, translated titles : Ruler of Nabari and 隠の王 (Japanese). The latter title in japanese using kanji has the words “隠” which is similar to a chinese word for ‘hidden’ and ‘王’ which is exactly the same as King/ruler in chinese. So we can conclude that Nabari no ou means the ‘King of the hidden’ (kingdom/ninjas etc.) OR it could mean ‘Hidden king’. I’m opting for the latter after watching the first episode. Summary and thoughts after the break.

edit 16/4/2009: Realised this post is still getting some traffic so I have to apologised for this lengthy summary full of spoilers. Moved the ‘Thoughts’ section to the front so you can bypass the summary without getting spoiled. Enjoy.


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Alright, so nabari no ou’s OP, Crawl by VELTPUNCH has been released as a PV rip and there should be a mp3 rip out there right? That’s right,sringangel from livejournal has kindly agreed to allow us to use her
hotlink for the song which you can download here.

Go over to her site and give your thanks =D

Hm, was bored so I clicked the 1st thing I saw on her livejournal. (Below is a printscreen because the code misbehaved in wordpress, I’m so gonna spank wordpress.)

Speed test

This makes me an excellent typist and thus, blogger. *Goes off to polish up Nabari Ep 1 review.


Nabari no ou what subs?

So episode 1 review is delayed once more. Outpops the release of a heavy weight group, Group C as compared to two relatively newbie groups, Group A and R (correct me if I’m wrong). I decided to be funky and run all three videos at the same time using VLC, MPC and WMP to compare their subtitles.

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Nabari no ou OP and ED

Here I am, to dish out the goodness of Nabari no ou. I haven’t watch it yet (damn the broken links) but soon I will. There are currently two possible sources of which both I will review. The opening song by VELTPUNCH (new band?) is pretty rockish and I like it =) The ending song is more slow and soothing, pretty ok I guess. So have a look at the OP and ED while I catch up on Nabari. Both artists are unknown to me so I guess it’s a chance given to them to shine?

Nabari no ou OP – ‘CRAWL’ by VELTPUNCH

Nabari no ou ED – ‘HIKARI’ by ELISA


Spring 2008 Anime Preview

BrianAndrew is now officially 1 year old. This blog has been running on WordPress ever since the exodus from Blogspot on 1 March 2007. Support for this blog has been good and I thank the readers for your tremendous support.

The anime listing for Spring 2008 is overshadowed by the highly anticipated Code Geass R2, the sequel to Code Geass. Yes, I am a fan and I do look forward to it very much. However this does not mean that we have to sideline other notable anime titles slated for Spring 2008, right? So here are some titles that I am keen to watch and probably blog about (if, time permits).

Code Geass R2
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Airing date: 6 April 2008
TV station: MBS
Animation studio: Sunrise
Lelouch is back to kick Brittania’s sorry ass. But wait a second. What happened after he and Suzaku shot at each other? All of the sudden, there is a one year leap (approximately) and that pretty much leaves us clueless about the story. At least, that’s what the trailer had suggested. Obviously this story needs no introduction and there is no surprise that I will be blogging this. All hail Brittania!

Nabari no Ou
Nabari no Ou
Airing date: 6 April 2008
TV station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: J.C. Staff
My friend recently introduced the manga to me and I was impressed by how good the art style is. This is the reason why I am looking forward for its anime adaptation. The manga is serialized in GFantasy, published by Square Enix, and is still on going. If that doesn’t interest you, then how about having Kugimiya Rie and Namikawa Daisuke in the cast? The prospect is definitely looking up. The story is pretty much the typical ninja-adventure kind of story, which is really not my cup of tea. I guess it’s okay if I just overlook my stereotype and try to get hold to this anime. There is a good chance that I’ll be blogging on this anime.

Airing date: 14 March 2008
TV Station: KBS Kyoto
Animation studio: Studio Izena
If there is any reason why am I watching this anime, it is because I am a fan of Kazuya Minekura’s works. Those who are familiar with this manga artist, you might know her well for her works in the Saiyuki manga series. And yes, those animes like Gensoumaden Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload: Gunlock as well. This time around though, it won’t be about 4 guys travelling to the West anymore. Instead we have 3 guys now playing survival games for the money. Not going to blog about this but this one is a recommended one from me.
Soul Eater
Soul Eater
Airing date: 10 April 2008
TV Station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: BONES
 Yet another manga by Square Enix adapted as anime this time around is Soul Eater. On the scratch, the story is about creating a human weapon as the “Death Scythe” for the Shinigami. As the name suggests, they need to consume 99 human souls and 1 from a witch. The good thing is they are after the bad guys, so there’s your sense of morale into the story. With BONES as the animation studio, I guess that you can’t go wrong with anime. As likely that I will watch this, there is also a good likelihood that I may not blog this anime.
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight
Airing date: 7 April 2008
TV Station: TV Tokyo
Animation studio: Studio DEEN
 Somehow I am compelled to bring at least one shoujo anime into the list. Not that I have anything against shoujo anime/manga because I do watch them and I really do enjoy some of the titles. However among the available Spring 2008 anime listing, I find Vampire Knight the most pleasing one. So we have a girl gotten attacked by a vampire and got saved by another one. Then they grew up together with another friend of hers who really hates vampires. Now imagine the chemistry going on around them, the romance is set to be spicy. My impression? Well, it’s too early to tell. Oh, did I tell you that Miyano Mamoru and Horie Yui are among the cast?


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