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Fractale 11 – Final – The power of decisions…

Just a few minutes ago, I was talking with someone close to me about the power of decisions and the ability to make them. Every single person in this world has in his hands the power to drive his life in the direction that he/she considers correct. Even though, the courage to take those choices and follow them until the latest consequences is a rare and valuable gift. Most of the people will consult with half a city before daring to raise a hand, and unfortunately, nobody can provide any advice that is 100% accurate  except yourselves (that’s right, not even daddy, you little pussies..) why? Simply because nobody knows you and your life as well as you do. Nobody can tell what you’re capable of doing or standing except you. And more important, nobody will have to live with that choice’s results except you.

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Fractale 8…

My nominee for one of Season's Best Shots

Hey there!. I watched this episode last Friday. I watched it again last Saturday. Not because it’s interesting, not because it’s shocking, and definitely not because I liked it, but because I just couldn’t find any way of putting it together with the rest of the show and I had to write about it for all of you (you thought that a blogger’s life was all girls and candies?).

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Fractale – 7… viva Las Vegas!

Let me tell you something before I start babbling about this episode: Before I decided to blog Fractale, all I knew about it was what I learned from the trailer. Some beautiful scenery, 2 girls and a boy flying in an airship all smiling and allowing us to think of a discovery adventure within a fantastic world. Episode 5 was a huge deception, and episode 6 was not that better to rise my faith in this project. When I started watching this episode I had my expectations as low as my mood, I don’t like to be disappointed, but after all, I have a responsibility with all of you, to keep posting my thoughts about it, either good or bads.

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Fractale – Episode 3

Oi! In the end of last post I stated that this show was one of the big fishes for this season. After the first 2 episodes I was really wondering if that would be enough, but after today’s chapter I’m starting to believe in those words…

Think Cyclops is looking for his glasses...

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