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Merry Xmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Although I haven’t posted any reviews, have three posts in my author archives, and is a cult-worshipper-not, I can still legitimately say:

Now for some more Haruhi-themed Christmas picture and the occasional one that isn’t

You’ll be surprised how much Haruhi Christmas pictures on  Google Images.  It was like a feast with URLs for the taking cutting and pasting.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Welcoming 2008

The following images do not belong to me, unless stated otherwise. I respect the intellectual ownership of the images and all copyright is reserved. If necessary to have these picture removed, kindly let me know first. Images are used for blogging purposes only.One of the highlight events in ushering the new year is the countdown party. People from various walks of life gather, typical around somewhere a clock is visible to many so as to allow revellers to count numbers backwards. At the very moment when the final second of the year is over and the new year begins, displays of many types are brought to life. And in any traditional manner, fireworks is the essential part in welcoming the new year and in this case, the year 2008. Cities around the world celebrate this in their own way. The followings are examples of the joyous mood of this brand new year (and day).From Sydney, where the year 2008 came earlier than the rest of the world.

New Year Eve in Sydney

To New York, among the few cities best known for their countdown parties.

New Year Eve in New York

From Tokyo, where new year celebrations are done uniquely theirs.

New Year Eve in Tokyo

To Hong Kong, among the world’s cities with the best pyrotechnic displays.

New Year Eve in Hong Kong

From Singapore, where this tiny nation have their new year party a blast.

New Year Eve in Singapore

To Kuala Lumpur, among the many New Year celebrating cities in Malaysia.

New Year Eve in Kuala Lumpur

However somewhere around the east coast of the Malaysia Peninsula, one city is being left out from the celebration. The stroke of midnight of 1st of January 2008 is just like any other midnights of any other ordinary nights. For Kelantanese, 1 January 2008 is just the beginning of another day despite the fact that it is the brand new year. Unfortunately I am in that city. The city named as Kota Bharu.

New Year Eve in Kota Bharu

There were those who are celebrating though it was not close of being any celebration.

New Year Eve in Kota Bharu

At least I know that I am not alone.


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