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Taking a Sabbatical

I am not too sure about Loba but as for myself, I openly declaring that I’m taking a sabbatical on this anime blog. I’m entering a new semester for my undergraduate programme now and I’m getting busier than ever. Although it is very unlikely that I would ever be able to update anything but I’ll try my best to post something whenever opportunity presents itself. Hopefully Scamp can take of things for now. And hopefully we have another contributer to this blog soon to cover my absence. Anyone interested?


Anime Festival Asia 2008 feat. May’n and Studio 4°C

I am busy throughout this week (yet again) and will be away again for another 2 weeks to come. I might make occasional update such as this one but most of the time, Loba and Scamp will be filling me in. Hopefully, Tara can join our cast very soon as well.

Big update for today is the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 2008 (dubbed AFA08) – one of the biggest anime festival in this region of South East Asia. Singapore plays host (and I can’t find any other better venue than this though Malaysia could stand a chance) and it is going to be HUGE. It will held on the 22nd to 23rd November (next month). The biggest highlights for this anime fest for me are definitely May’n performing live and the exclusive showcase of Studio 4°C. There will also a huge Gundam showcase at Planet Mech. So Gundam fans, heed notice of this event. To sum them up, here are the highlights for the AFA08:

Besides the highlights listed above, there are other mention-worthy events. One of them is the Anime Blockbuster showcase that will cover most of big anime titles including Code Geass, Gundam 00 and Shakugan no Shana. There will also a showcase on Shonen Jump’s 40th Anniversary World Tour and if there’s any better mainstream mangaka out there, it’s gonna be Shonen Jump. If you insist on asking, does Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Eyeshield 21 ring any bell to you?

AFA08 is definitely the event to go if you are an anime fan. Of course, under the condition that you are from within this region. Since Singapore is such a good neighbour for us in Malaysia, I won’t spare any more thoughts to not to go there. Putting budget worries aside, I may consider on going to AFA08. All that is left is accomodation. Any room to let in Singapore?

For more details, head over to AFA08 official website. And do please come. You won’t regret it.


I didn’t know what the red button is for….

Here’s an update from ANN. According to the official statement released on the official website, the video leak is caused by human error or should I say, more of a technical complication. Bandai Channel, the network responsible for online distribution of the entire show, was testing for a new system that was supposed to prevent unauthorized video post of the show but instead accidentally uploaded the video of the last 6 minutes of episode 3 onto the internet. Despite the error caused, the episode 3 will be aired as usual at its usual time slot on Sunday.

Code Geass R2 episode leak
“I don’t know what the button is for but it sure will do something.”

I’m glad that there won’t be any immediate changes to the show for now though after watching the video leak, it’s pretty much that I know the shockers of the next episode. Even so, that does not mean that there won’t be any changes of the future plot of the story. That will remain disclosed for now.

Despite of what the official announcement stated, I still do believe that the culprit responsible for this is none other than Zero. After what would happen in the last 6 minutes of episode 3, I bet Lelouch commanded the staff to leak the video so that the plot can be changed and his arse is saved. But then again, there’s the Emperor of Britannia need to worry about.


There is a leak in the House of Britannia

Just before I could post up my review on episode 2 (I know I’m late, so STFU), apparently some imbeciles from Sunrise decided to hit it big by leaking out the last 6 minutes of episode 3 for Code Geass R2. Actually it’s 5 minutes and 51 seconds to be exact. I’ve just got the news today from Max. If not for him, I won’t know about it – not until the next 30 minutes after enjoying my weekly leisure with American Idol. If you think it is unbelievable, the video had already been posted on YouTube though this was immediately removed by Sunrise. But don’t worry, there are other sources as well. I know everyone is psyched about it, some may feel disappointed but here are some spoilers of the story. In case you don’t want to know the spoilers, you better stop reading now.

Code Geass R2 leaked Continue reading ‘There is a leak in the House of Britannia’


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