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Nyan Koi episode 7

In the last episode we noticed that the danger of Junpei really turning into a cat was much larger then he expected. I’m actually wondering if they’re really going to turn him into a cat or not. Yet, this time I think Junpei has finally got a fast pace going after a little help from a cat he brought with him to his class trip in Kyoto. Yay, they made an episode on my favorite Japanese place. Oh, and we can’t forget the special appearance of a look-a-like Naruto dude. As Brian would say, “more after the jump.”














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Nyan Koi episode 2

As you wake up one morning you begin with your daily routine. Get up, make your bed, eat breakfast, go steal a shoe from a flesh eating dog for the sake of doing one hundred favors for cats so you won’t turn into one yourself. How about that for putting a little spice in your life? I know the plot of this anime isn’t exactly a ‘fresh new face’ but you got to admit that Junpei is just hilarious when he’s bickering with his friends.

Nyan Koi- Kanoko

Oh and the new character of today is… Kanoko Sumiyoshi. You know, that hot brunet chick from the first anime art pic? Lol

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