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Word of the Voice [PV] by FLOW

The song is just amazing. It’s good, very good. And I have really wished that this song was made for Code Geass R2 instead. But I guess it’s a fair thing to do as well. Otherwise Code Geass would only become a lot better. Why not? If the OP for their first season, which is COLORS by FLOW took top honours in many anime awards in Japan. One of the comments of my previous post on Shiawase Neiro suggested (or rather confirmed) that the second OP will be by FLOW once again with the title WORLD END. But heck, it is confirmed! And whether you’ll be surprised by this or not, even the second ED is another comeback by ALI PROJECT. Odd? I don’t think so.

Before we get all excited for the highly anticipated OP by FLOW, let’s get to their latest single, WORD OF THE VOICE which was also used as OP for Persona -Trinity Soul-. As I described earlier, the song is amazing. The PV may be a tad too odd, even if to compare with the anime Persona, I’d say it’s still good. But then again, what’s up with the green paint… and that topless guy?

Fret not. This song is also available for download on this blog. Now,  you can enjoy this song on your iPod (or maybe your iPhone?). And no, I’m not gimmicking that Apple guy *glares at Steve*

p/s: still getting over the iPhone 3G fever…


Persona -trinity soul- (Anime Preview)

Starting this month (February 2008), NEWTYPE USA will conclude its publication. I know this is old news but it’s new news to me. Yeah, shocking. I know. Its publisher ADV released a press statement that the change is part of the rebranding exercise on NEWTYPE USA because the magazine itself is licensed from Japan’s original NEWTYPE magazine. NEWTYPE USA is confirmed to be replaced by a magazine with the same format named PiQ magazine. You can read all about it here, here and here.

Persona has to be the anime to watch this season after we have been disappointed by many of the lost hopes we initially anticipated in the early of the season. What’s more, Persona -trinity soul- is a game-based anime, giving the advantage of the hype to many of its PS2 gaming fans. We do know that anime is a different entity from video games. Face it, even Devil May Cry was such a flop for an anime despite of the high impacting game title. I just don’t want to be disappointed by the failures of many game-based anime titles before. However with Koyasu Takehito and Sawashiro Miyuki among the voice cast, there can’t be any flaw expected from this anime, right? Besides these two also lend their voice talent for the original Persona game, which I suppose give the story some homey feeling to it. Again this anime is produced by Aniplex though is animated by a relative new studio A-1 Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Aniplex itself, I guess the animation would not be greatly affected. Also with Ishii Yuriko who have experience in animation development for anime titles such as Blood+, GITS: SAC Solid State Society, Ouran High School Host Club, and Darker Than Black together with a music maestro Iwasaki Taku, you know that you can’t go wrong with this anime. Wouldn’t it?

Persona -trinity soul-
Persona -trinity soul- Continue reading ‘Persona -trinity soul- (Anime Preview)’


Winter 2008 Anime Preview

Winter 2008 is very much anticipated by many anime enthusiasts, solely by the reason of the bland fall anime season last year. Well there were a few titles raising some eyebrows – Goshuusho-sama Ninomiya-kun, Dragonaut: The Resonance – and several fan-based making a comeback – Gundam 00, Shakugan no Shana. The latter I must admit, is very good in almost many aspects, such as the storyline, art style, animation quality and voice acting. In particular to Gundam 00, the BGM is impressive; expected from Kawai Kenji. But of course, this is Gundam. The price didn’t matter. It’s the quality that matters. Lets put that aside and back to the winter 2008 anime. Many had heard about the latest on Suzumiya Haruhi that was originally scheduled for winter 2008 but gotten delayed due to some projects (not interested in the details), changing the story to “The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi” instead. Due to this, we only get to see her (if she should show up this time because the title suggest otherwise) this fall. That’s a long way to go. However Gunslinger Girl has finally came out with its second season as a sequel to the first one. To my thought, it’s about time for them to get the story over with. Also making their comeback are our ever-so-negative Itoshiki Nozomu-sensei and the dysfunctional if not normal Minami sisters. I present you my list of anime titles which I see with potential. Continue reading ‘Winter 2008 Anime Preview’


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