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12 Days of Anime – Final: Year in Pictures

By definition anime is all about animation, moving pictures if you get down to the very basics and there certainly was plenty of visual stimulation this year.

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Nokia 6220 Classic : Unboxing pictures [Part 1]

If you are here just for the review, skip straight to the post which is two to three paragraphs down.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently but recent episodes of anime does not really deserve a post of their own. Like drawing a gun and getting a triple kill in 0.20s, uh yea Duke, you are a terminator right? Or aliens 3 times bigger than humans who love a bloodbath (think klingons) but are tamed by the songs of a small cute loli. Lolicon aliens. Pffft.

So, with 3G iphone in sight, why in the world have I gotten this nokia 6220 classic?

1) It’s on promotion at SG$188 with 2 years of bondage with Singatel, 3 days limited promotion.

2) It has the specs of N82 without the wifi and using a single core instead of dual core processor.

3) This means good camera handphone = good quality pictures of my toys. Yay!

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