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Sekirei ~pure engagement~ episode four

One thing I happen to really hate about anime and manga series is fillers.  For those of you who don’t know what a filler is, it’s an episode or chapter that completely detracts from the plot and does something completely random that has no correlation to the story.  Naruto has been known for its fillers between arcs and so has One Piece, but those are big series so it’s okay.  However, when a thirteen-episode show has a filler between arcs, it starts to get pretty annoying.

I have to admit I thought we were heading towards a filler episode – I mean, we just winged Kazehana, everyone is partying, Musubi is giving words of wisdom, and Uzume is prancing off to be a slave again.  In short, nothing out of the norm.  Even Homura had a bit of a scene but I thought nothing of it until the bath and the text that changed it all.  Thank you Gamemaster for making this episode a bit more interesting that it began with.

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