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12 Days of Anime #8: TiTs

So we all know that sex sells and the anime industry is no different nor a stranger to sexiness.

However when I intially thought up the concept for this post I was evidently thinking of last year becasue as I found out there were considerably less (excessively) ecchi-type anime this year. Go figure.

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R-15 Episode 1: Drinking to forget bad times

After the end of Kore Wa Zombie Desu?, I’ve found myself being bored as there was an obvious lack of perverted harem anime in Spring 2011. In this summer, Studio AIC offers us R-15. Seiyus for this show include 4 cast members of Kore Wa and several newbies making their debut. Some TV channels in Japan cancelled their broadcast of this show “due to various circumstances”. Will this show really be able to lead in the harem department? Let’s see…

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It’s never too Late – Summer Anime Preview 2011

20-limbed Monster
Spring was a good season with plenty of good and interesting shows (a few of which will be continuing into the summer) but it turned to be a rather tough season for us here at BnB. We were merrily going about our business watching anime and blogging shows, when totally unexpectedly that damn twenty-limbed monster from Antarctica tracked us down and launched a surprise attack. What will happen to Team Zero? What happen will happen in the Summer Anime season?

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