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Level E – Episodes 1 & 2

Oi! Last night I arrived home as usual, turned on my laptop, opened my always trustful and free mail inbox and suddenly found an item that made me feel as a kid in Christmas morning! (No, I didn’t won any lotto prize neither I received a date invitation from Anne Hathaway.. but close enough…), I had been accepted as one of the new cannon fodders (ahem!) authors for Bokutachi no BLOG!!, hence been worn up with the task to entertain our loyal readers, try to bring new ones into our clan and by that means add a new chapter in this blog’s Epic History. That been said, allow me to start with the show:

Believe it or not, the "E" in the title IS for E.T.

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Windows 7: A Review for Gaming/Anime

This summer I installed Windows 7 onto my Thinkpad T61 by Lenovo.  Having read only 2 reviews from Riuva and PCWorld, I decided to give my own personal review simply because I know a lot of you are planning to get it.  Naturally, you would want my opinion since I am such a popular aniblogger who posts spontaneously after a 3 month hiatus.

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Durarara 12 and 13: Compare and Contrast, a Sudden Sharp Turn

Anri “witnesses” the Slasher slicing 3 kogals apart.  She has blood splattered on her face.  According to her,

Nothing Changes



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Durarara 4

Brain Base does it again! Despite that it lacked the sheer action of Ep 3, it was still interesting, and My shojo-manga-is-better-than-shounen-manga kind of preference and enjoyment of conversing episodes actually got me too like this Ep better.  I finished this note a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.  Then wordpress DID NOT save my work, when I saved the #@)$#)$*#)(*$)#(*$)#(*)@ thing.  BUT! It didn’t that is why this post seems so bad.  I redid it AGAIN and it didn’t save that one either.  Sorry if this post is shitty.  I just don’t have the strength to post for the same episode thrice.

I lurv the smell in our love hotel :3

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Asura Cryin’ Season 2 Ep3

So as I’ve said before, this anime is like the “superman” of all mecha related anime. They do a great job with the CGI, (even though it may look a little out of place, XD) but we can never forget that the first season only gave us a mere ‘intro’ to what is now Tomoharu’s quest. Which is to change the fate of the Handlers and of the Burial Dolls. If we remember well in the beginning of this season, Tomoharu’s first intentions was to find his brother, which for some reason is almost impossible to find! The last episode left us off with Tokiya the Science President, and also the cotton-stuffed Koala, reunited with his beloved Tooru. And in return, Tokiya was going to help Tomoharu find his brother. Ok, shall we…

AC S2 E3

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Nyan Koi episode 2

As you wake up one morning you begin with your daily routine. Get up, make your bed, eat breakfast, go steal a shoe from a flesh eating dog for the sake of doing one hundred favors for cats so you won’t turn into one yourself. How about that for putting a little spice in your life? I know the plot of this anime isn’t exactly a ‘fresh new face’ but you got to admit that Junpei is just hilarious when he’s bickering with his friends.

Nyan Koi- Kanoko

Oh and the new character of today is… Kanoko Sumiyoshi. You know, that hot brunet chick from the first anime art pic? Lol

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Asura Cryin’ Season2 Ep2

Have you ever had a teacher that gave you too much information all at once? And then you decided to try and remember all of the basic and important stuff, but then you realized you were completely lost in oblivion? Well… That’s about how I felt with this episode of Asura Cryin. But I also have to say that I was well pleased with the level of excitement they’re raising up.

AC S2 E2 #1

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