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A look at gaming – Review: Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

[With this review, I’m kicking off what I would like to become a regular series of gaming-related posts. Various factors will decide how often these posts get written, such as the popularity of these posts, whether or not anyone else on Team Zero wants to write about gaming, and the frequency at which games eligible for review are released. These posts will usually (but not necessarily always) deal with Japanese games, to try and keep these somewhat related to what Bokutachi no Blog usually covers. I hope you enjoy it!]

There are 5 games that make me incredibly happy. 5 games that fill me with a sense of joy that makes me feel as if there is no better place to be in the world than when I am playing them. Those games are:

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Apparantly Code Geass has ‘mixed reviews’

Code Geass, and Code Geass R2, have mixed reviews. Some people love it, some people hate it. That’s been established by bloggers, forums and pretty much the entire anime fandom. I kinda took that for granted. Then I saw this

Mixed Reviews, and yet R2 is classified, after 1554 votes, to be the second greatest anime of all time according to Anime News Network. Something is quite wrong here…

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