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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 24/Finale)

What began as a soft introduction, builds up into a long (horrendous) and painstaking long storytelling I have ever watched to the point that I considered that the writers are at a dead end to drag the story longer than it was supposed to. Little did I know the long buildup is worthwhile. After following the series for so long, they need a big break. Indeed the writers had caught me by surprise when Romeo x Juliet ended in a high note, making the finale among the most memorable endings ever. We have seen countless animes ended abruptly (partly because the continuation goes to the manga) but GONZO offered something else for the fans of the series. We do know of the cruel fate Romeo and Juliet have to face, especially Juliet whose life would determine the fate of Neo Verona. Sadly our hero Romeo couldn’t do much to ease off her burden. Or so I thought. GONZO undertakes this classic from Shakespeare as an adaptation (just so as to make it clear) and made it their own. Now that pops the big question – will GONZO’s Romeo and Juliet face the same fate as Shakespeare’s? What will come next may be tragic to some but the bittersweet ending serves the story well. Keep reading/watching.

Romeo x Juliet
Man versus Nature. Literally.

Picking up from the previous episode (yeah, after that lesbian kiss), the confusion had led to remorse for Conrad. However Tybalt told them to get someone to go to help the people as Neo Verona is going to fall. Continue reading ‘Romeo x Juliet (Episode 24/Finale)’


Romeo x Juliet (Episode 23)

I am well aware that it is the closing chapter now and duh, the next one will be the finale. Obviously this last two episode will reveal the untimely fate that Juliet (and Romeo) have to accept. We know what’s going to happen to Juliet but the question is will it be inevitable and if so, how Romeo would cope with it? Should things work out the way Shakespeare intended, Juliet will die (becoming a tree and that is not much of a dramatic end that I want) and Romeo kills himself. A bloody end indeed. Juliet’s death is within my expectation because she don’t sacrifice herself to Escalus, Neo Verona would be gone. Not unless there’s some kind of miracle that things won’t need to end up that way, Juliet have to offer her life for the sake of the people of Neo Verona whom she cared a lot. Poor Romeo have to live with that fact. As far as expectation goes, that’s about it. There not much left for the writers in their story telling.

Romeo x Juliet
“I hereby declare Lady Juliet Fiamatta Asto Capulet as the Grand Duchess of Neo Verona.”

With his father’s death, Romeo was more than willing to pass on the throne of Neo Verona to his beloved Juliet while he intended to return to his village that he built. Unknowingly it was not over for Juliet as she gave her silent goodbye to him. Continue reading ‘Romeo x Juliet (Episode 23)’


Romeo x Juliet (Episode 22)

As the story progresses, each episode of Romeo x Juliet gotten simpler and simpler. The episode this is plain simple – the end of Montague. And that’s about it. At this point, I can’t stop wondering if the writers are in a pinch to stretch the story to episode 24, which leaves the series two episodes away from the finale. I have to say, they made the story kind of dragging at this closing arc. As from now, we will know what would happen next as we know that Juliet need to make that ultimate sacrifice for the good of Neo Verona. What is left in the dark now is whether Juliet can actually overcome this and live happily together with Romeo, typical of a fairytale ending.

Romeo x Juliet
Now this is what you call as an air strike.

Romeo x Juliet
Montague is waiting in his throne. Continue reading ‘Romeo x Juliet (Episode 22)’


Romeo x Juliet (Episode 21)

My final exams are approaching and I have another week stay at home. Sorry for failing to deliver my promise to blog on Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PC Demo version. I have other commitments anyway. So far about the fall anime viewing, none I have watched yet. And only now, I managed to begin watching Nodame Cantabile. I enjoyed Nodame Cantabile very, very much.

The irony of this episode is the wedding of Cordelia and Benvolio happening almost too sudden. The reason why it is irony is because it happens after disaster struck Neo Verona. People are having a hard time coping with their loss, yet the two managed to find happiness in moments of despair by exchanging wedding vows. The message is good, and here I refer to the happiness they strive to seek in dire moments but wedding did not came to my mind at all. Somehow it felt misplaced. Even so, I like the reflective mood by Juliet this time. I know, this is just another endless complaints in her life but at least the tone now is much reflective. The message of finding happiness goes well with her intention to accept the self-sacrificing fate after reflecting back on her life – Cordelia, Conrad, Francisco, Curio, Antonio, William and also Romeo. Those people who are important to her and that became her determination to go for it. Not bad for a theme this time.

Romeo x Juliet
Hot news. Neo Verona is on fire.

Juliet gained her consciousness and Ophelia was nowhere to be found. She was still shocked by the fact that Neo Verona would end soon and to avoid that from happening, she needs to sacrifice her own life. She questioned her dead parents if it is her fate to take up such cruel burden. If I am in her shoes, it kind of tough to accept it too. Anyway in the aftermath of the great earthquake, the city is badly damaged as the Capulets are trying to help the victimized citizens while Mercutio is well on his preparation to bring the army to burn the whole town as instructed by Montague. Soon enough, a big fire broke out and caused chaos in the city. Romeo who saw this was in shock, especially when he came to know that it was his father’s doing. Infuriated (or rather disappointed) with his father, Romeo disowned Montague as his father. While Francisco and the rest were in their best effort to serve the victims, more fire erupted. Then Romeo caught up to Mercutio and stopped him in his tracks. This I mean by kicking him off from his flying pegasus. Romeo tried to convince him that the action (of burning the townspeople alive) is wrong but Mercutio tried to defend Montague’s decision. In denial, Mercutio ran away.
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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 19)

Update: The escalating conflict in Myanmar is a necessary cause for concern (aside the fact that Myanmar is in the same region with Malaysia). Honestly the news didn’t budge me a bit not until the casualty of a foreigner. What’s more is that he is a journalist. I have the believe that the media or the press should be given the immunity of neutrality to feed news to the international community but the junta’s iron-claw crackdown cried cold brutality. Images of Kenji Nagai in his dying moments still etching in my mind. If that, not enough for a reason, then think about the oppression the people of Myanmar need to face now, especially in the midst of the conflict. Think of the countless and needless killing. With these, I voice my support for a democratic Myanmar. My voice may not reach many but I surely believe I will be heard and more will be concerned about the worsening situation.

Excitement builds up for Darker Than Black as it approaches the finale. But hey, I won’t be reviewing so soon. I’m planning to make two at a go so as I won’t kill the suspense just yet. Now lets get to Romeo x Juliet. We have witnessed the great achievement by Romeo who managed to turn a desert into home. Now it was Juliet’s turn to make a difference. So far, we see little done by Juliet in her fight against Montague. Somehow she had a renewed determination to achieve by stepping forward as the Red Whirlwind, the long-gone iconic hero of Neo Verona. The fact that the real fight has finally begun brings the story back to track and incite more interest into the building plot. Although in the beginning I sought to see William was the one responsible to bring Juliet’s story to the people and bring the forth the revolution but Juliet took matters on her own to spread hope to the people of Neo Verona. Finally our heroine is bringing some action. Also in store in this episode is the real reason behind the Red Whirlwind.

Romeo x Juliet
“Let the show begins.”

Although Romeo did a lot for the village, he still believes that more needed to be done as he plans to bring everyone’s families to the village and live there. Romeo also promised to work hard for the day when they both can be together happily. Later Juliet and Curio took their leave. Before leaving, Curio approached Romeo and word his intention to punch him once he met him but refused to do so as he did not want to offend Juliet as well. Inspired by Romeo’s determination, Juliet too wanted to work harder. That night, it was a full house at the theater staging for William’s play. Expected, everyone was captivated by their intense performance and without any of the audience noticing, it is actually the true life story of the sole Capulet survivor, Juliet. This ploy was a genius work of William to spread Juliet’s story throughout Neo Verona to rise up a revolution against Montague. William proved his wits this time. Anyway towards the climax when Juliet was supposed to appear on stage, things working out of hand as Juliet was nowhere to be found. Instead she appear on top of the theater as the Red Whirlwind. This sparked awes among the audience.
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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 18)

This episode fared badly in story development but this got to my favourite so far. We know a lot of Montague’s past in the previous episode, which is dreaded with negativity. A stark contrast in this episode as it is full of inspiration and motivation, especially in Romeo’s effort to rebuild a desert land (sort of). It’s a good thing that things work out well for the prisoners of Gradisca or should I say, ex-convicts, in that village. However that is not the reason why this episode is so emotionally engaging. Did I mentioned that it is emotionally engaging? If you follow up with the story well, you know how tough life would be for Romeo and Juliet, especially for them to be together. Somehow at the end, when they were reunited, it was rather touching. Keep watching and you’ll get what I mean.

Romeo x Juliet
Hypocrisy is a virtue in politics.

Conrad and the rest were discussing about their attack plan and wondering of their anti-Montague allies in Mantua. Then Balthazar came with a cart full of apples but hidden inside is a cart-full of swords. However Juliet was worried of countless of people being hurt in the coming fight. They made a point that it is necessary to bring down Montague. In the wake of Titus’ death, a service was held in his honour. Among those attended are Hermione and Montague (the killer). Even then, rumours go around that Titus’ death was intentional and some suspected that Montague was responsible for it. Meanwhile Romeo was starting a new life on a barren land somewhere nearby Gradisca mine. Romeo worked hard though some of them were reluctant to help. Then Pietro came to bring food bought from the town of Mantua, traded for weaponries. Giovanni suspected a war is brewing. Gotten his water supply from the river, Romeo ran into an old man whom he met earlier with Juliet at a spring. Being helpful as ever, the old man gave Romeo seeds that are able to grow in the harsh conditions. Magical beans of some sort. Then the old man walked away.
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Romeo x Juliet (Episode 17)

Just three weeks since I have bought my iPod nano, Apple has announced the new generation of iPods, including the amazing fully touch-screened iPod touch. Suddenly I wanted to buy a new iPod already.

I know that there has been a huge delay in my anime reviews these days. This is due to the ongoing assignments that needed my immediate attention. Expect more delays for the whole month. Worse comes to worst, I might call for a hiatus. My reviews on Darker Than Black is right on track but I am falling behind on reviews on Romeo x Juliet. I am hastening this with my best effort. So in regards to the episode this time, it’s about time that Tybalt’s share of the story is told and it was definitely intriguing. Much of his mysteries were untold, some were unexpected. I am glad that the writers were able to put the story in the best possible manner. Also what we had been expecting since the previous episode has finally foretold in this episode. Now that one point deducted for plot predictability.

Romeo x Juliet
Giovanni seriously needs some anger management.

Romeo x Juliet
“Odin is cosplaying as Juliet? No? Juliet is cosplaying as Odin? Continue reading ‘Romeo x Juliet (Episode 17)’


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