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Summer 2012 Season Preview

Summer 2012 Season Preview header

Most of the team has been busy this last season so we’ve been even slower than usual in getting our preview out. But time still ticks on and the summer season is upon us with finale episodes for Spring airing this past week so lets get on with things, what can we look forward to this summer (or winter for myself & Gooney).

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A year of sequels

You might have already heard of this but Full Metal Alchemist is getting a second season. The gist of what I got was that it will follow the manga storyline rather than the anime version, which branched off to a different story about halfway through. It looks like it will follow in the same timeslot that Code Geass R2 and Gundam00 season 2 are filling, which means it looks like it will start spring 2009.

And you know what’s going to happen don’t you. Every fansub group in the world and their granny’s will be subbing FMA season 2 and there is a high chance that some of the other shows will be subbed very slowly. Their could be a new fan favorite show lying in that heap, the new FMA so to speak. And when that shows second season is announced in 2010, every fansub group and their granny’s will be out to sub it.

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