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Sora No Woto – Episode 2

By now, if you find yourself reading this review, it’s either because you just recently found out about this show or you were waiting and decided to see if it was worth it. For those of you who ride second in that last statement, would you like me to answer your question? I would say it depends. Most people might not be fans of Moe, (which btw, neither am I) but this turned out to be a little more then just some mere Moe, trust me.

Better character design, better art, funnier, better adventures, yet there is only one thing that it still lacks… A real fricken story-line!

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Sora No Woto – episode 1 – Official Review

Kaza Is Back! That’s right folks, you herd me loud and clear. I’m back, and fashionably late as well. But that’s OK. You know why? Because I already know you all missed me. *Don’t burst my bubble just yet with the cold hard truth*… *please* XD. Anyways, I’m here to continue my job as a blogger/reviewer and tell you about the much-loved and anticipated show, Sora No Woto. Or is it Sor No Oto?

Yea maybe it’s not what everyone was wanting, but it sure as hell is what you should have expected it to be. I mean seriously, what else do you want from a five girls blowing trumpets for other soldiers. XD

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