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New NASA Carbon Material Could Make Space Elevators Possible

“Houston, I think we reached the moon.”

“The idea of an elevator that could transport humans into space with ease has long been a fantasy of science fiction writers. However, a new form of carbon ribbon could actually make it possible.

Motivated by a $4 million funding prize from NASA, the team at Cambridge University developed a light, flexible ribbon that is believed to be the world’s strongest. Currently, the team is producing 1 gram of the material per day, enough to stretch to 18 miles in length. According to Alan Windle, professor of materials science at Cambridge, NASA wants 144,000 miles of the stuff—but he notes that it would take an industrial level of production to make that happen.

Still, this once preposterous idea is actually gaining some traction. The Japanese have already seriously considered making one out of carbon nanotubes and some believe that this new project could get the job done in as little as a decade. I’m not buying that—but I’m still keeping an open mind. [Times Online via io9]”

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1g per day? Hmm…I am taking Materials science and engineering how tough it would be to iron out the imperfections at the atomic level but…I guess it’s still pretty far away from completion. Now where’ my gundam?

Btw, anyone still wants PSP Gundam 00?


Japanese Scientists watches too much Gundam 00

Japanese scientists are so hyped up on the possibilities of building a real life space elevator that in just two months time the country is playing host to a conference designed to set a production timetable. Carbon nanotube technology has advanced so rapidly that a material capable of withstanding the amazing forces in the space elevator cable is almost within reach: according to the chairman of the Japan Space Elevator Association it’d only need to be four times stronger than the current strongest nanotube rope.

The potential benefits of accessing space by crawling up a cable versus launching rockets are mind boggling…especially when you realize it could be 100 times cheaper to get there than using a Space Shuttle. But building a more than 36,000km-long carbon rope (or more likely a series of parallel ropes) to connect an Earth-based “launch pad” with a geostationary-orbiting elevator hub still seems a lot like science fiction. Yet it turns out that development of carbon nanotube technology has seen a more than 100 times increase in the fiber strength in the last five years: four times more strength certainly seems possible.

The Space Elevator Association’s director also thinks technology similar to the Bullet train’s could be used to build the elevator cars, since nanotubes can be used as electrical conductors.  [Timesonline]
Picture: HighLift Systems.

To japanese: your tax dollars at work sending space shuttles for no particular purpose. Build me a gundam please.


Gundam 00 in Reality

It’s 2307 A.D. Three centuries from now, the very foundation of the world’s economy and stability is depleted. Oil – the entity that gives forth energy to mankind had been synonymous to the advancement and progress of human civilization. However now it is no longer available in the 24th century, mankind looks to one  energy source and harness its infinite potential. Supported by three main pillars called the space elevators, an array of solar panel circling the entire planet is developed to harvest this renewable energy and had since, becomes the new standard of energy and also world domination. Then along came the Celestial Being.

Solar Energy
And they began with the ISS.

Yes, this futuristic fiction had grasped our imagination and dared us to think of the impossible of this very plausible scenario. But how far does the reality goes? I have little doubts on the Gundams though the future of humanoid is not excluded from the equation. Solar energy is a little farfetched but it is still likely to happen. However, there won’t be any cast of doubts about the space elevators.

Gundams not included
Gundams not included.


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