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2009 in Perspective: A year of comeback

No. This is not your typical post of Top 10 countdowns and quite frankly, I don’t think I am qualified to do that job because, and I admit it, I have not watch all the animes slated for this year. I am however feeling reflective as this year is coming to end, like anyone else before the coming of each and every new year. This is also my first year-round reflective post on everything anime since I began this blog nearly 3 years ago. I certainly hope I can make this an annual tradition for many years to come. I should not mull over this and saying out my points (honestly, I’m trying my best to avoid using the word “muse” that Scamp thought out to be pretentious, which is not what this post is all about). But first, I have to warn you: this is a very lengthy post. Not sure if it’s an interesting read but I do include my anime pick for 2009 at the end of the post.

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Predictions for the inevitable ‘best anime of the 00’s’

Toradora vs Minami-ke

Neither of these are going to win but it's the best header image I could find

Are you ready for the inevitable? The newest and largest pub argument amongst anime fans for the next year or so is on it’s way. While others can argue how anime has changed over the decade, most notably in the internet explosion, the average folk will slam their glass on the table and proclaim that ‘Code Geass will be forgotten in a few years’ or that ‘Monster is the most under-rated anime of them all’. So I’m going to try to shed some light upon this topic. Now I won’t be saying what my picks are, oh no. I’m going to be acting like a bookie, weighing up the odds for what will be voted top of the charts. For this I’m going to assume that the winners will be decided by a poll, much like the Animesource polls, where each voter gets 5 votes. Place your bets folks. What was the best anime of the 00’s?

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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 4: Endless Encore

Once again, Kyon wakes up and begins to wonder if something wrong is happening now. He was not far from the truth. Now entering into the third episode of Endless Light, there is no telling when will this time loop will end. So yeah, we all are well aware of how wacky can this anime can be. From its supernatural phenomena to the chronologically random episodic sequence, we can know for sure that this season is something much different than the first one. It seems that this season had the most sense in terms of the chronological progress. But rather than a linear one, it is stuck on a continuous loop that could be annoying to some viewers out there, especially noted from the comments I received from the previous episode reviews that I did. Just to clear the air here, no point of cussing me and many others who follow this anime series because ultimately, it’s the writers who penned down how the story would develop and definitely not us. So, try be polite for once and withhold yourselves from leaving a hate comment on this review. Otherwise, you’re better off not watching Suzumiya Haruhi altogether. Okay, I’m getting too personal on this sentiment but I’m just making a point here. More after the jump.

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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 3: Deja Vu?

All of the sudden, the story took an interesting turn. Or rather, an unexpected loop of events. Scamp had shared some of his views of how will the matter would resolve though I personally believe that the writers are simply messing us up. Now that we are certain something weird truly is going on with Haruhi and her surrounding universe, we can only wonder how will it eventually resolve. Speaking of continuous loop, I’ve been submerging myself with Suzumiya Haruhi no Gensou OST again and again and again. To say the OST is not bad, that would be quite an understatement. After all, it is performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra as conducted by Philip Chu who, by the way, had some experience conducting musical scores for games and also had once worked side-by-side with Tan Dun, a Grammy and Oscar awards-winning composer. But then again, it’s not the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is never familiar with anime works before. Now, enough of the spamming and back to the review.

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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 2: More fun with Haruhi

I’m running late on catching up to Haruhi’s review but then again, I was very choosy with the available fansubs. I’m sure that Haruhi Season 2 had finished running on Japan’s TVs and I’m caught up with the late fansubs; that I’m putting them to blame nor should I be complaining to get my hands on illegal download copies of most of my anime collection (I do have some original purchase, okay?). Now, where was I on Haruhi this time? Oh yeah! Summer break. And that means Haruhi is hitting that vacation mode. The show is getting better, perhaps? More after the jump.

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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 1: She’s back!

Update: It sure was a long time since I’ve blogged on WordPress. Somehow I disabled comments on this post but I got it fixed now. Also to enlarge the image view, click-and-drag the image on the tab bar to open the image in its full resolution glory.

Haruhi is back. And so am I. After being absent for 2 years — though there was a mini-series of somewhat a prelude to this new season — the SOS Brigade will once again leave us in peplexity. Perplexity, ironically, is what I got from this first episode and should this prolongs further, the prospect of this season of Haruhi won’t hold up pretty well. As I mentioned earlier, I myself had blog for quite some time already and I probably need more time to kick start things around in this blog.

We all know Haruhi is always unpredictable, this season premiere too is unpredictable but on the negative side. I find this episode as unpredictably boring, at least from the perspective of what crazy things Haruhi can do to surprise us all. More after the jump.

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Summer 2009 Anime Season Preview

I was sitting down by my computer, wondering what I should have for lunch, when my phone went off. ‘Err, Juiz? I know there are a bunch of anime airing this summer but I don’t know much about any of them. Could you possibly write up a season preview for me, with pictures and your opinion as to whether they’ll be any good or not?’

With Eden coming to a close, we are going to need something new to fill the void

With Eden coming to a close, we are going to need something new to fill the void

Order received. Noblesse Oblige. Please continue to be a Messiah. 

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Gundam Destiny Haruhi Custom

Oh yes! I think some of you might have known about this for quite some time already. So what would happen when Gundam Destiny meets Haruhi. The obvious choice is to build a custom MS Gundam for Haruhi. But that did not meant literally.

Destiny Haruhi

Well, I got this while checking out Danny Choo’s blog after not checking it for so loooooong (no thanks to the firewall at my campus that blocks Danny Choo as adult material, omgwtfbbq?!). I knew Danny would go for that extent one of these days. And he did. Click here for more mugshots.


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