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Svea Deli House, Kota Bharu

Today at 8 p.m., Earth Hour will commence. Earth Hour is a global initiative that aims to offset global warming by reducing carbon emission and this is done simply by turning off the lights for a whole hour. Though Malaysia is not participating in this event, USM (the university I’m currently studying in) is joining the effort and I, myself offered my participation. Even you can join along and help to save the planet in simple ways you never expected. And turning off the lights is surprisingly helps the purpose. Visit the Earth Hour website for more details.

When I was told that there is a Swedish restaurant in downtown Kota Bharu, I was rather shocked to hear this yet delighted because knowing that there is such a restaurant in Kelantan. My friend first introduced the place to me as Sven’s Deli House. Not bad to name a restaurant, that is what I had thought in mind. What is more convincing to me is that according to my friend, the owner is a native Swedish. What can go wrong if you have a Swedish operating a Swedish restaurant? However once my friends and I set our foot there last night, I began to think that I should have doubted a such convincing expectation in the first place.

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