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Thank You

I really want to express my gratitude to everyone who’s been following the Aniblog Tourney, visiting all the different blogs, reading old posts, new posts, and random posts, compiling your thoughts and critiques, then taking it to the polls and voting. It’s a miracle Bokutachi no BLOG has made it past the second round against Nopy’s Blog and it’s all thanks to our readers. I’m grateful not just for your votes but for your dedication to this site and our little team. I know we don’t write as much as a team of six writers should, and you’ve had to put up with inconsistent posting, drunken writers, hijacked accounts, and the over usage of punctuation, but this is also why this win as well as our last means so much to me.

But it’s not just about our blog or winning but about discovering new aniblogs and improving the existing ones. So please keep visiting, reading, commenting, and voting. And if out of all the aniblogs participating, if you can’t find any one site or any one writer you like, well then start your own blog! Who knows: you may be the best thing that’s yet to happen to the aniblogsphere. … You know, the best thing after Scamp, that is.

So thank you again – sincerely, from the bottom of my stomach, which is more important than my heart.

(Round One: The G-Empire | Round Two: Nopy’s Blog)


Welcome to Bokutachi no Blog. That's "Our Blog" in Japanese. Our Anime Blog, to be exact. And if you landed to this page by accident, probably in search for ecchi stuff, then you should regret to have hit this page. Don't worry, this blog is children-safe and no misdemeanor acts here. Sorry, you bald, middle-aged perverts. But thanks for the hit anyway.

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