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Theories on how Endless Eight will end

After hearing that the latest episode was yet another Endless Eight, I poked around a few comment sites to see a few of the theories on how this weird tale will come to an end or what on earth is going through the mind of the producers.


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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 2: More fun with Haruhi

I’m running late on catching up to Haruhi’s review but then again, I was very choosy with the available fansubs. I’m sure that Haruhi Season 2 had finished running on Japan’s TVs and I’m caught up with the late fansubs; that I’m putting them to blame nor should I be complaining to get my hands on illegal download copies of most of my anime collection (I do have some original purchase, okay?). Now, where was I on Haruhi this time? Oh yeah! Summer break. And that means Haruhi is hitting that vacation mode. The show is getting better, perhaps? More after the jump.

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Summer 2009 Anime Season Preview

I was sitting down by my computer, wondering what I should have for lunch, when my phone went off. ‘Err, Juiz? I know there are a bunch of anime airing this summer but I don’t know much about any of them. Could you possibly write up a season preview for me, with pictures and your opinion as to whether they’ll be any good or not?’

With Eden coming to a close, we are going to need something new to fill the void

With Eden coming to a close, we are going to need something new to fill the void

Order received. Noblesse Oblige. Please continue to be a Messiah. 

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