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Get your free Cake NOW!!

the cake is a lie. tee hee

So actually, This is a The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: THE MOVIE <generic deep voice here> review.  I apologize about my total abscence

At least my lie wasn't so blatant ^_^ (oh wait)

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12 moments in anime #5: The greatest anime I’ve ever had the priviledge not to watch

Did you really think I could go through these posts with no Endless Eight?

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July Roundup

I’ve been wanting to do these monthly roundup posts for a while now but I wanted to wait until I had a loyal following who genuinely cared about what I had to say. However after realising that I would never achieve that level of internet stardom I decided I would post them anyway.


I’m going to use my letter-grade system for these because I’ve found that this system works the best for me.

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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 4: Endless Encore

Once again, Kyon wakes up and begins to wonder if something wrong is happening now. He was not far from the truth. Now entering into the third episode of Endless Light, there is no telling when will this time loop will end. So yeah, we all are well aware of how wacky can this anime can be. From its supernatural phenomena to the chronologically random episodic sequence, we can know for sure that this season is something much different than the first one. It seems that this season had the most sense in terms of the chronological progress. But rather than a linear one, it is stuck on a continuous loop that could be annoying to some viewers out there, especially noted from the comments I received from the previous episode reviews that I did. Just to clear the air here, no point of cussing me and many others who follow this anime series because ultimately, it’s the writers who penned down how the story would develop and definitely not us. So, try be polite for once and withhold yourselves from leaving a hate comment on this review. Otherwise, you’re better off not watching Suzumiya Haruhi altogether. Okay, I’m getting too personal on this sentiment but I’m just making a point here. More after the jump.

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