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Suzumiya Haruhi Season 2 episode 1: She’s back!

Update: It sure was a long time since I’ve blogged on WordPress. Somehow I disabled comments on this post but I got it fixed now. Also to enlarge the image view, click-and-drag the image on the tab bar to open the image in its full resolution glory.

Haruhi is back. And so am I. After being absent for 2 years — though there was a mini-series of somewhat a prelude to this new season — the SOS Brigade will once again leave us in peplexity. Perplexity, ironically, is what I got from this first episode and should this prolongs further, the prospect of this season of Haruhi won’t hold up pretty well. As I mentioned earlier, I myself had blog for quite some time already and I probably need more time to kick start things around in this blog.

We all know Haruhi is always unpredictable, this season premiere too is unpredictable but on the negative side. I find this episode as unpredictably boring, at least from the perspective of what crazy things Haruhi can do to surprise us all. More after the jump.

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