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12 Days of Anime #4: Kamisama, Dolls for all ages

Kamisama Dolls was my favorite show of the year, allow me to elloborate why and blab on about its awesomeness.

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Gundam 00 Trailer 5

This new trailer is pretty short but considering the second season is fast approaching, this is just the beginning of what bandai will feed us for the next half of the year! woohoo! It appears that the translation of the organisation Arrows was wrong, it’s supposed to be A-Laws. Soo, instead of being outlaws…they are A-Laws? Any guesses as to what A represent?

Also, saji is locked up with a laptop plugged to a pink Haro. I reckon he is on Ptolemaeus 2 after being recruited and disobeying orders, just like lockons, edit : allelujha (Thanks to Lordfoamy for the headsup, uni is killing my braincells) Wonder what he did…point a gun at Setsuna? =p


Code Geass R2 trailer release

As we all know Code Geass is back this year with the sequel Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2. The airing date has been confirmed on April 2008 on its partner channel MBS. Obviously those who follow the story are not happy with the cliffhanger ending because cliffhanger just sucks. Story-wise there won’t be much of a change but if this is Code Geass, then expect more unexpected plot twists that makes everyone beg for more. However judging from the trailer, I am a little worried that Lelouch might have lost his Geass and there will be little attention to CC’s history. If these two were to happen especially the latter, I’m losing my confidence in this sequel already. Nonetheless with season 1 as the benchmark, season 2 definitely worth the anticipation.


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