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The Kingdom of Seyrun: Another fanfix

Is of pertinent need.  Gosick is like a diamond in the ruff.  A beautiful stone even in ore form, but it still needs to be polished and whatever my character does in order to magically turn diamond ore into plain diamond in my shamelessly pirated version of Minecraft.  I’m a bit paranoid of getting fined 3,000 USD so I’m not going to link 2 the game.  Just to be safe.  Anyways, if you haven’t watched the latest Gosick arc yet.  Don’t. Rather, sit back and enjoy this retelling.

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Who ever wrote Gosick…

was a total dumbfuck.  No really.  I am here to show you some shortcuts this author took.  Some really pathetic ones may I say.  I bet I could write a better story.  Oh wait, I am!  So here I am bashing Gosick.  A good idea really.  But you need a brilliant writer behind a good idea.

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Gosick: Exploitation. Fanfix.

Gosick, needs a legit mystery novelist.  Conan Doyle is rolling over in his grave right now. Spoiler rigged.  But, I revised version of the story would be a much better read by not watching the anime.  LOL, I realized what I just said. I digress. A shit load of text without pictures.  Like reading a book. Deal with it.

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gosick: the running of hares

So, I get the best anime to blog around here: Gosick.  Best anime this season for two reasons:

1. Not morally confusing: Wandering Son


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