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This damn show was supposed to air last season but was pushed back due to some difficulties and I gave up my hopes on it being aired this year.  But thankfully, it’s here and I’m going to bring you a lot of damn full coverage of this OVA.  I won’t give you a history of this show, but DIVINE can at RandomC.  I’ve been looking forward to this, but I’m not one of those Hatsune Miku addicts that’s been drooling over this, so don’t expect loads of praise.

First thing’s first, this episode is up for grabs in terms of interpretation which means I’m going to give you mine since you’re on this site.  I may be wrong, or I may be right but since I’m not the maker of this episode, I could be wrong since I’m human.  Bashing is only for Troll Warlord so feel free to give suggestions at my possible far-fetched theories regarding this show but for starters, it’s say to say the Mato is in one world and her alto-ego Black Rock Shooter (BRS) is in another slightly less-animated world.

So the long awaited 50-minute OVA begins with… Black Rock Shooter fighting one of her many enemies.  For those of you who don’t know or haven’t figured out, BRS’s theme is blue and her weapon is a gun which shoots explosive projectiles and can also turn into a gun.  But I know that’s not what you guys were looking at – it was probably the half-naked body you were looking at as BRS starts fighting and dodging against an evil red girl with a long sword.  After BRS losses the fight, here’s where we start my interpretations.  The BRS world and Mato’s world are hand-in-hand with each other, when BRS/Mato saves Dead Master/Yomi at the end of the episode, it shows that Mato is really saving her friendship.  Naturally, we can assume that this red-haired girl was a friend of Mato’s but grew jealous of something and hence had this whole fight with her in the BRS world.  Since the red-hair won, I guess that means Mato was not able to save her friendship and lost a friend.  Aww, but when I first saw it, I assumed that the current BRS died and Mato would succeed her but that’s a cheesy idea come to think of it.

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