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And I’m a PC

You should have heard of Microsoft’s latest campaign to lashback against Apple. Yes, that “I’m a PCpropaganda campaign. Honestly, that’s quite a savvy idea from Microsoft since Office 2003. The response on the internet is nonetheless, overwhelming. Before I continue, here’s the I’m a PC ad – so as to have you understand what the heck is going on.

As I was saying the worldwide response is huge – both good and bad for Microsoft. Yes, some applaud the idea. Some gave more Windows smear. Some… well, professed their love to Apple even more. Then along comes “And I’m a PC“. So what do we do here?

Well, you just simply submit your “And I’m a PC” message for the whole world to see. It’s that simple. What for, you say? Sheer entertainment, what else? Some of the messages are darn funny. Also, if you want more new messages, simply refresh the page to get random, new ones.

Be creative and let your mind loose free. So, I’ve submitted mine. Go and find it if you like. And don’t forget to quote yours.


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