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A Legitmate Excuse!

I broke my left arm ;_; Til this fracture heals, I’ll take a break from blogging which has now become a slow grueling process of noob-index fingering. FUN FACT:
One doesn’t always wear a cast to properly heal a fracture/break. Occasionally, one simply wears a splint which is basically half a cast tied to the broken part of ur arm. Unlike what the picture below implies, having it hang on one’s neck isn’t necessary and aligning to a perfectly straight object id out of date. If you didn’t get what I just said, don’t worry about it and just depress over the fact that you can’t read my awesome writing for a while.


Batman: Gotham Knight Review

Before I begin reviewing Batman: Gotham Knight, I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed the 1 hr 15 mins of 6 short films that is set in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Although DC Comics hired their american script writers to write the script and have major Japanese Studios Production I.G, Madhouse and some small timers, Studio 4°C and Bee Train to direct/animate the films, the latter was not given much due credit for their contribution in fleshing out the dark knight. I cannot begin to guess why DC comics had done such a thing.

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