Myself; Yourself (Episode 12)

Merry Christmas everyone! I did a little Christmas affair with my friends and it was awesome. Anyways thanks for cheers guys!

Sana and Aoi walked to school now that Shuusuke and Shuri are now gone. Then Sana heard of Shuri’s voice greeting him that morning but when he turned around, it turned out to be Nanaka. In the school, rumours began to go about the twins are eloping though Sana, Nanaka and Aoi were feeling down ever since the twins ran away.

Myself; Yourself
Gossip talks

Sana felt frustrated of how Shuusuke ended up running away without telling him. Then he got a knock on the door by the mailman. It was actually a parcel from Shuusuke, however the sender address was left blank. Later on, Sana bought dinner from the convenience store and noticed Yuzuki at the playground on his way back. So he stopped by to have a chat with her, noting her depressed expression and as expected, she was troubled about the twins. She felt it was her mistake for not knowing her students well enough and failed to give them advices them whenever they have problems. She also felt that her advices may do little to help as well though she thought to the least, she could be there to support them. However Sana believes that Yuzuki did nothing wrong and gave her a drink which he won from a lucky draw at the store he went earlier. Sana gave it as a reward for Yuzuki for all her efforts and it worked well to cheer her up. The next day, Sana invited Nanaka and Aoi to the picnic spot at the river where they always go. They agreed to go and when that day came, Sana was all ready to go with all his gears when suddenly he got a phone call from Aoi who called in sick and possibly that she won’t be able to join them for the picnic. It turned out that Aoi was faking the fever just as her mother found out. She felt that Nanaka was affected the most from the twins’ disappearance and thought that it was best to have Nanaka alone with Sana because that is when she would need Sana the most. She explained again to her mother that being the eldest of them all, she had to become strong. Hearing this made her mother proud of her, knowing that her daughter had be much matured. Now that it comes to this, Sana and Nanaka went to the picnic together – just the two of them.

Myself; Yourself
No courier advertisement tactics here.

Myself; Yourself
Energy drink for the drained soul.

Sana casted out the fishing rod given by Shuusuke from the parcel the other day though Nanaka had zero confidence of his fishing skills. True enough, Sana caught none and was worried about food. Thankfully for them, Nanaka brought some food along just in case. She revealed that Aoi reminded her to bring some food along when she called her last night. However Sana was not too confident about Nanaka’s cooking as well and turned out that she was only able to serve fried eggs with rice and cookies – a bold combination though these are the only ones she is good at. Sana took a bite of the egg and complimented her cooking regardless. Then the two had some fun at the water and after that, Sana suggested to go trekking upland a bit. So the two began to venture out deep into the forest and Nanaka began to worry as the day turned gloomy. Sana assured her nothing to worry about, confiding of his memory of that place he wanted to show her. Rain began to pour down and they began rushing to the place Sana mentioned. They got themselves into a cave and took shelter there. Sana brought her deeper into the cave though this does not convince her to feel alright. Finally they’ve reached a dead end. Nanaka was puzzled by what Sana wanted to show but pointing upwards, Sana revealed the glittering ceiling of the cave studded with sparkling minerals. Sana explained that the place is actually a secret place he shared with Shuusuke when they first discovered it when they were kids. Nanaka thought that the promise had been broken this way but Sana promised to apologize to Shuusuke when they meet each other again. Then the flashlight dimmed out. The battery is dead. Nanaka panicked immediately but Sana suggested them to stay for shelter until the rain stopped instead.

Myself; Yourself
Fun at the picnic.

Myself; Yourself
Thankfully this didn’t turned out to be a B-rated horror flick.

Myself; Yourself
The secret sanctuary owned by Sana and Shuusuke. And now, Nanaka.

Sitting there with nothing to do, Nanaka began to ask Sana about the wristwatch he always wears, wondering if it was a present from his girlfriend or something. Sana denied it without explaining any further. So Sana threw back another question to Nanaka and asked her why did she kept on sending letters to their secret mailbox. He reckoned that she should have sent it directly to him when she is in trouble. She explained that she was aware of how she changed into a gloomy person ever since the fire incident and stopped playing the violin for not particular reason. She felt odd about it because she risked her life saving the violin from the fire. The therapist suggested that the violin may be connected with her lost memory of the fire incident. In that way, she also felt that Sana had changed as well when they were apart of each other. Fearing of losing the Sana she once knew, she had only sending the letters to the secret mailbox so that she could reach the Sana whom she always knows. When he returned, Nanaka knew that Sana did not change though she did not felt that way in the beginning (and thus, the big slap). Moments later, Nanaka dozed off and once she woke up, she realized that Sana was not by her side. Getting up find him, she went to the cave exit and it was already sunset. However the red sunset triggered her memory of the fiery night. In the state of trance, she began to jaywalk walk unconsciously towards the edge of the small cliff. Sana yelled at her, urging her to stop but she kept on walking until she lost her footings and fell of the cliff. Fortunately Sana managed to capture her fall but Nanaka began to shiver in fear and started to freak out, saying that she remembers everything about that night of the fire.

Myself; Yourself
Wristwatch mystery prevails.

Myself; Yourself
“I can see clearly now the rain is gone…”

Myself; Yourself
The rain stopped but fire came blazing instead.

Myself; Yourself
Jumping off the cliff is good memory therapy.

Myself; Yourself
Under the condition that someone is there to catch you from the fall.

Myself; Yourself
It sucks to gain back painful memories.

The pace of the story slowed down notably, making the story a little dull. Nothing much is revealed as well, even the thing with Sana’s wristwatch remained a secret. This is expected though, considering that the writers may plot for an explosive finale next episode. We saw the writers did splendid for the previous episode and I hoped that the charm works for the finale as well. In regards to Nanaka’s recovered memory, there was a clear connection between the violin and her violin instructor. Nanaka revealed that she stopped playing the violin for no apparent reason, connecting well to her lost memory. Once her memory came back to her, she speak of her sensei who is her violin instructor, suggesting a suspicion for him as the arsonist of the fire incident that killed both of her parents. Motive-wise, there is no telling for that considering that this sensei character is introduced late in the story. I also must say that I’d be disappointed that the twins would be making a comeback at this point of the story with little room for them to show up, not unless they suddenly popped out into the story somehow. Also not going to happen is the concert in the OP. Since the beginning of the story, I had been expecting the story would end with a concert consisting of Sana and his friends somewhat playing the tunes which was presented by Nanaka to Sana during his farewell party. Consider that never to occur because there is no reason for that to happen in the first place.

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