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We got a new domain name!! HURRAY FOR FRUGAL SPENDING, SKIPPED HAIRCUTS, and RAMEN! I probably will have random blog posts up on friday when I don’t have 2 exams to study for ^_^; (I’m so screwed for tomorrow).  Anyways until then type in the url over and over like I did to see if I’m not dreaming.  If your not convinced, pinch yourself.  Just don’t do it repeatedly.  NO I DIDN’T PINCH MYSELF TWICE.  BAKA!

cat ramen

dug this one up from 3 years ago! 3 YEARS HOLY CRAP!


My sexuality is being jeopardized: Kyoto new project is K-ON! w/ ONLY boys!

Remember that rant I posted the other day saying:

Sigh, I was really hoping for K-ON! 2.0 with boys edition.

Kyoto got right on it.  BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT!  AND THEY”RE SERIOUS!!   They literally just made the four genderbent into hot bishounens. I wanted cute girls who regularly interacted with boys on a day to day basis.  Not cute guys only!  In the fujoshi population of the anime fandom, you can hear the arousal calls of thousands going: “UEHEHEHEHEHEH.”  And the REAL issue is. I might just join them.

Now for the specs:

Title:  Swimming/「水泳編」

Production staff:

  • Storyboards & director: Hiroko Utsumi (ANN)
  • Character design & animation director: Futoshi Nishiya (ANN)
  • Key animators: Fumio Tada (ANN), Taichi Ishidate (ANN), Nao Naito(ANN), Eisaku Kawanami (Animation Do; ANN), Tatsuya Satou(Animation Do; ANN)
  • In-between check: Motoki Matsumura (Animation Do; ANN)
  • Color design: Yūka Yoneda (ANN)
  • Special effects: Shizuka Uno (ANN)
  • Background: Jouji Unoguchi (ANN)
  • Director of photography: Kazuya Takao (ANN)


  • Composition & arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)
  • Music production: Lantis
  • Music producer: Shigeru Saitou (Lantis)
  • Sound production: Rakuonsha


that’s from here.


all good things come to an end

And for some, earlier than others. As the Aniblog Tourney moves forward, Bokutachi no BLOG is honoured to hold down the fort here in Round Three while others continue to fight in Round Four. (That is to say we lost.) One of the greatest things about this Tourney is the amount of feedback you can get from people, some who would never have visited your blog if not for the tournament; critiques on style, format, visuals, content – all good stuff, and maybe even a compliment here and there. It’s not hard to tell that Team Zero has succumbed to an attack of the Lazies, and it’s really made me rethink things, like ‘Can I fire my entire writing team if they don’t get paid in the first place?’

I’m just kidding. Plus that would be extremely hypocritical of me since I bunk with Lazy on a frequent basis. But I’m eternally grateful to everyone who visits (even by accident, considering some of the search terms that come up in our stats), comments, and/or lurks. Whether you’ve followed us from the years of Brian the Original or are just passing through, we truly appreciate everyone!

Round One: The G-Empire | Round Two: Nopy’s Blog | Round Three: Atarashii Prelude, Loli Salad, and OGIUE MANIAX


that Aniblog Tourney thing…

… is still going on. There was a massive delay to the start of Round Three as the moderators tried to come up with a more secure system of voting. Round Three is also a bit different in that you get two votes to cast among a choice of four competing blogs. Bokutachi no BLOG is currently up against Atarashii Prelude, Loli Salad, and OGIUE MANIAX. If you are planning on voting, make sure you cast both votes in one visit because if you complete one vote for one blog, you won’t be able to vote again for another – or at least that’s what happened to me. (It’s okay: if Bokutachi loses by one vote, I won’t feel bad. Especially since I’m anticipating losing by a whole lot more, haha.)

I have to admit I feel a bit bad about making it this far – there are many other blogs that put in a lot more effort than we do and who are far more consistent. But I’m grateful nonetheless and while I do hope people are discovering new blogs through the Aniblog Tourney, we’ll continue to fight here on our end.

Thanks again to everyone who’s following the Tourney! If nothing else, check out the comments; there’s always some sort of drama going on there…

(Round One: The G-Empire | Round Two: Nopy’s Blog)


Thank You

I really want to express my gratitude to everyone who’s been following the Aniblog Tourney, visiting all the different blogs, reading old posts, new posts, and random posts, compiling your thoughts and critiques, then taking it to the polls and voting. It’s a miracle Bokutachi no BLOG has made it past the second round against Nopy’s Blog and it’s all thanks to our readers. I’m grateful not just for your votes but for your dedication to this site and our little team. I know we don’t write as much as a team of six writers should, and you’ve had to put up with inconsistent posting, drunken writers, hijacked accounts, and the over usage of punctuation, but this is also why this win as well as our last means so much to me.

But it’s not just about our blog or winning but about discovering new aniblogs and improving the existing ones. So please keep visiting, reading, commenting, and voting. And if out of all the aniblogs participating, if you can’t find any one site or any one writer you like, well then start your own blog! Who knows: you may be the best thing that’s yet to happen to the aniblogsphere. … You know, the best thing after Scamp, that is.

So thank you again – sincerely, from the bottom of my stomach, which is more important than my heart.

(Round One: The G-Empire | Round Two: Nopy’s Blog)


Aniblog Tourney: Update 1

The 2nd annual Aniblog Tourney is in full swing with the first round to completed within the the week, in fact it could already be done, the round is so massive I get lost. And by some wondrous miracle the aniblog gods have seen to it that we won our first match and by a surprisingly large margin too.

So seeing the whole point of the tourney is to readers and visitors to other interesting aniblog’s I thought it’d be a good idea to put the spotlight on our opponents.

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Why I’ll Never F.I. Upotte!!

So Blindability gave me this anime to First Impressionify… AND I did say guns and girls make a good combo…


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congratulations Scamp!

You’re officially too popular for your own good.


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