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happy new year!~

To be honest, the only thing I like about starting a new year is that I get to eat piles of broiled squid frozen in our family freezer for an entire year.  Believe me it’s fking amazing.  You have to freeze it for an entire year because then, the moisture of the squid slowly leaves and you just get the nice chewy meat.  It makes a fucking difference I tell you.  Why do I even bother trying to convince…. brb. Ok back, just had to watch the New York ball drop.  as I was saying… oh yeah! I knew you were hopeless ever since I found out you didn’t like mochi.  Anyways, a sincere Happy New Years for all my readers out there.  I need to free my hands from typing so I can shove more squid into my mouth. PEACE!

This is what the broiled squid in my mouth synesthetically like.

Synesthetically what the squid I’m eating perceives to me as.


The Super Late Con Coverage: Otakuthon 2012 – The Saturday Portion: I LOVE YOU (NOT), REI!!!

This post is proof that I am still alive and lazy well. This is a report of my 2nd year experience at Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal that took place during the dates of August 3rd to August 5th (Oh how late I am). As I am too much of a sociopathic narcissist to interact with human beings, this post will not make mention of any external human behavior. However, what this post has is the entire Ohmi Tomoe concert. Whoever she is, it doesn’t matter as long she can sing.

Note that I did not participate on Day 1 as the convention started at 5 PM and as there wasn’t really any good panels at first sight. I only went to get my pass on that day. I must say that waiting for an hour almost killed my back. It’s a sign that I must cosplay as an old geezer next year. Also, Day 3 was not worth of mention to be in this post.

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Aniblog Tourney: Update 1

The 2nd annual Aniblog Tourney is in full swing with the first round to completed within the the week, in fact it could already be done, the round is so massive I get lost. And by some wondrous miracle the aniblog gods have seen to it that we won our first match and by a surprisingly large margin too.

So seeing the whole point of the tourney is to readers and visitors to other interesting aniblog’s I thought it’d be a good idea to put the spotlight on our opponents.

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Let the Hunger Games Begin

Well it’s that time again when anime blogs are pitted against each other to vie for the title of Victor in the Aniblog Tourney. Voting has already begun and by the end of the day, we will have four losers – the next day, four more.

Perhaps it’s better to lose as winning brings its own anxieties: Did you just beat out the blog of a friend? Can you really relax when your next opponent is so strong? Will the Gamemakers throw out a cruel twist? And just how many clever tricks can you put into play to keep going until the very end.

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I’m Sorry

Just an apology for going literally AFK for so long to my viewers.  Yes you to. I love y’all ALOT.  Basically, the US education system has gripped me in an perpetual series of standardized test.  CURSE YOU STERNER  AND STANFORD UNIVERSITY!!  Oops wrong asshole, that’s the one who had an affair with his assistant.  CURSE U ALBERT BINET!!!  Too make up for it another first blood opportunity and hawt picture of Msyu.

awww... I MSYU guys too. Aren't I just a Shakespeare?


That hoe has been harrassing me about it for days now.

Now for something fascinating 2 watch.

Do not click button or u will lose repression of ur horrible childhood memories.  I mean it.

Don’t click this one either.


Sai Mecha: Cinderella Story?

The inaugural Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot Tournament has almost run its course with all my nominations having already fallen and we stand on the verge of crowning our first champion.

Will it be the god-defying show-stopper or an everyday man’s cinderella story? Before we can judge though we should look at what came before…

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My Sai Mecha Nominations

For those not in the know, EO from THAT Anime Blog has started up the Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot tournament to inject some testosterone into the aniblogisphere which is currently ccaught up in SaiMoe’s moeblobbery.

Basically its a giant tournament in which some of the greatest Mecha to ever grace our screens & imaginations square off against each other in one-on-one combat. What more could you ask for? The competition is in its nomination phase, so behold my nominations.

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First Impression: Wolverine and Random-awesome shit

I know 15,532 episodes late.  I only got the inspiration to blog this after watching Kick-Ass.  A movie at par with watching your mom knock out a guy with a punch. Give the finger.  Spit on him. Then say bitch.  Finally, motioning you to follow as she nonchalantly walks away with toilet paper stuck on her shoe.  So damn wrong yet so damn F*&king awesome.  Well, another reason would be this guy named lygophile.

“You post once a month…”

“No I don’t Q_Q”

39 posts in 2 years.


epic face (with many cool blue arrows)

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