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The Idolm@ster Ep 8: The Hamzou Streak ends

We were expecting it, but it still stings. For the first time ever, Hamzou doesn’t get any air time on an episode. At this point, only Producer appears in EVERY episode.

But oh boy, Hamzou quickly becomes forgotten when you get a great episode involving Azusa and Makoto. What can I say? It was simply dynamic, even more than the first episode (the interview one).

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Durarara 15: Spoiler Alert

Episode 15 follows the reporter we see from previous episodes. Mika Haruna’s (did I get it right) father.  He visits one main character to another until he gets turned into a freakish mindless zombie who just won’t die.  Little too late to give a spoiler alert, but I think that it is pretty self explanatory to watch anime before you read someone’s take.  If you just wanted a gist of it like “it was good.”, then I suggest you go read RC instead.

Raise your hand if you think she is creepy!

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Random Conglomeration of Stuff

Inspired by Scamp’s Generic Post thingy with the awesome Ryu from Toradora pic.

I bring you a random conglomeration of stuff (not in sequencial order):

1. Vote for my avatar

2. To aru kagaku no railgun

3. Summer Wars

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Durarara Episode 8: The Ephemeral Dream

Ephemeral means temporary or for one day.  It begins with the same old dream Celty has everyday symbolizing the same old crap she has to deal with everyday without any clue about the whereabouts of her head.  (Spoiler ridden btw.)  And ends with a glimmer of hope of the ephemeral dream.

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Should I watch this?


Many times we come across a show or a movie that is completely epic, and it really moves us. Yet, there is always that anime that will completely leave us in awe, shock, and purely traumatized. No, I don’t mean it in a good way, I mean it in such a way that if someone tells you not to watch it for these reasons, it’s most likely a very wise idea to listen and not watch it.

Ladies and gentlemen that take part in the anime world, this post is just that, a warning. I have been so utterly traumatized that I have dedicated a whole post to warn people of this danger, the danger of this show called “School Days”.

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Random post-hiatus update

In case none of you took notice, I have not made any update on this blog for quite sometime. That is simply because I was not home and gone internet silent for almost a week. At least I got through the anxious period of waiting for my semester result, which was fine BTW. So I was away from my hometown of Miri to Kuching for vacation. Also I made a visit to the Apple Store because the Apple Store at my hometown has not bring in the new Macbook. So here I was in Kuching to “fondle” the new Macbook and I was so excited like a little kid before I actually gave a test-drive on it. I must say, as far as the specs are concerned, the new Macbook is more superior. However, the new multitouch trackpad is still quite a hassle to use simply because the click was a little too soft for my touch. Maybe it’s because I am a rough computer handler anyway.

As for the Nodame reviews, that have to wait because my PC at home got a virus attack. Twice. Long story short, I could not manage to finish a review in time and probably make one soon after once I am back to my campus.

On another matter, there’s the new Dell Studio 14. The Studio line is the best from Dell so far and the 14 inch variant is great for mobility.

GTG now, gotta check-in for my flight to KL.


And I’m a PC

You should have heard of Microsoft’s latest campaign to lashback against Apple. Yes, that “I’m a PCpropaganda campaign. Honestly, that’s quite a savvy idea from Microsoft since Office 2003. The response on the internet is nonetheless, overwhelming. Before I continue, here’s the I’m a PC ad – so as to have you understand what the heck is going on.

As I was saying the worldwide response is huge – both good and bad for Microsoft. Yes, some applaud the idea. Some gave more Windows smear. Some… well, professed their love to Apple even more. Then along comes “And I’m a PC“. So what do we do here?

Well, you just simply submit your “And I’m a PC” message for the whole world to see. It’s that simple. What for, you say? Sheer entertainment, what else? Some of the messages are darn funny. Also, if you want more new messages, simply refresh the page to get random, new ones.

Be creative and let your mind loose free. So, I’ve submitted mine. Go and find it if you like. And don’t forget to quote yours.


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