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My Sai Mecha Nominations

For those not in the know, EO from THAT Anime Blog has started up the Sai Mecha Super Dimensional Robot tournament to inject some testosterone into the aniblogisphere which is currently ccaught up in SaiMoe’s moeblobbery.

Basically its a giant tournament in which some of the greatest Mecha to ever grace our screens & imaginations square off against each other in one-on-one combat. What more could you ask for? The competition is in its nomination phase, so behold my nominations.

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Freezing 11 – Oh so thats…

Episode 10 left me with alot of questions, enough to make it quite difficult to put together a proper post about it. Episode 11 thankfully answered a few of those questions in addition to being rather kickass.

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Spring 2011 Anime Preview


Makes it hard to keep watching... but I suggest you try your best to..

After overcoming many difficulties, surpassing our own limits and exercising our cynicism (and chauvinism, and probably cretinism too..) capacity to its top, we finally finished with the Spring Season Review article today! (Whee!). Be kind, remember that Team Zero is 60% built out of newbies whose larger post is not even half this one. Anyway, feel free to read what each one of us thinks about the coming shows, pick your bests, identify yourself with our authors and definitely watch the animes… that way you will come back to us looking for answers XD.

So, since I know you have been waiting for this too long, let’s proceed to the main attraction:

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K-On!! Episode Twenty-Seven

K-On! Oh how I’ve missed you.

I was just wondering to myself what I should do while we wait for Madoka Magica to continue (and I’m in no way impatiently rushing its return considering Japan has much bigger issues to deal with now) when I learned that a 27th episode of K-On!! had been released.  Yay!

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a zombie apocalypse: made simple part1

I recently had a discussion with a teacher (mhm that’s right) about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.  We now are publishing this astounding step-by-step guide with you all.  Because we all know a zombie apocalypse is completely possible and inevitable by 2012.  After god damns us with lightning of course.

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difficulties in creating quality fan fictions

Fan material is (by my definition) a fan created material that attempts to closely imitate an admired previous work in some fashion.  Fan art usually isn’t a problem.  If the art is well drawn, most people accept it with tolerance.  Perhaps not a raving applause and vans full of fan girls infatuated to the point that you COULD establish a harem, but a generally good tolerant audience with the occasional raving praise or trollific rant.  Fan written material must meet a different criterion.  I argue that writing a shitty fan fiction is second to not sinning on the top most impossible things on the planet.

I would kill to have this picture.

No seriously.

But this is fine too

i realized that our blog claims to be child safe look at the top info header thing up there ^ so no explicit sechs jokes i guees 😦

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Lamentations of a Team Blogger

I am jealous.  I just woke up at around 11:00 pm hoping to keep my 31 day of posts continuing.  While typing up the last of my Gosick fanfix, I lost hope.  Hope is frail, but hard to kill.  It died.  Died hard.  Why, because Gosick simply can’t work.  More ranting about Gosick’s suckage and kissing-ass to other animes.

WASH (couldn’t find the original post and stopped trying cuz OMFG time as of moment: 11:46 pm

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Things 4 you to do while I slack off today

1. Read this

2. Beat this

3. Uncode this message: 1 Hint: I multiplied 7 different matrices

4. Find out who I am and email me my information privately (authors can’t play :(. )

5. Watch a Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies round 50+ match on youtube

6. Beat Final Fantasy 1-6

7. Read Hajime No Ippo from beginning to end.

26 post to go

I was lazy but managed

to do this.

(no doin’ yer mom jokes pl0x)


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