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arakawa bridge x bridge twelve & thirteen

Sometimes you just know that some things were never meant to be. I am, of course, referring to the so-called second season of Arakawa Under the Bridge. I’d planned on reviewing the last two episodes together because they share the same story: The Battle to be King Under the Bridge. When I’d planned on watching Episode Thirteen, the sound to my laptop disabled itself. It lasted for over a week and there was nothing I could do to fix it (or at least everything I tried wouldn’t work). Finally, for no particular reason other than to further mystify me, the sound worked again. And so here it goes for the end of Arakawa Bridge x Bridge.

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The End of Bridge x Bridge Delayed

I was going to wait to review Episode 12 and 13 together since they’re related to each other (and completely unrelated to the plot of Nino’s past) but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer.

On another note: If anyone knows how to fix “No Audio Output Device is Installed”  on a laptop, I’d appreciate the advice. I’ve Googled it and tried quite a few of the applicable solutions but nothing’s worked so far so I’m pretty stuck and open to any suggestions (aside from purchasing a new laptop – unless someone’s willing to fund that for me).


arakawa bridge x bridge eleven

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Episode Eleven: Nothing to write about.

But still plenty to say.

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arakawa bridge x bridge nine & ten

I wanted to wait until Episode 11 aired before reviewing Episodes 9 and 10 – because 9 and 10 were so, so very unamusing – but after some thought, I realized that would be rather irresponsible of me. Plus there’s no guarantee that Episode 11 would have any substance to it. So I may as well get it over with.

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arakawa bridge x bridge 08

I’ve always wondered what makes a guy – who’s already got a great girl – leave her for someone else. And while I know it isn’t entirely Recruit’s fault, as he was hypnotized by Amazoness’s pack of Tengu, I still couldn’t help but get upset with him acting the way he did.

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arakawa bridge x bridge seven

Episode Seven is late because:

Nut­blad­der, the group who fan­sub Arakawa, are gen­er­ally 3–4 days behind with each of their releases. …This epis­ode was released on Sunday, on the day the actual epis­ode itself was released, and mucked my entire sched­ule that was based around Nutbladder’s tardi­ness.

What…? It’s an original thought that Scamp just so happened to post first.

(If it helps my case, imagine that I’m Irish with a godlike metabolism. And knee high socks.)

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arakawa bridge x bridge episode six

I wasn’t all too sure how to start this post, so how about I start with this:

I love Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge.

This episode really took me by surprise – and I’m not exactly sure why. It wasn’t the first time Arakawa progressed in an actual storyline or managed to be serious and funny at the same time. And it wasn’t like they revealed any more information about Nino, her past, her parents, or how she came to live Under the Bridge. I think it might be because the World of Arakawa sits perfectly on the very thin line between reality and fantasy. Perfectly.

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