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For The Win by Cory Doctorow Book Review

I digressed too much as I was writing this. So you’ll just have to click continue on reading, because the intro got too wonky to use as an intro.  It’s extra long to compensate for something ;D

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Moving Forward

Many apologies for the lackluster updates on our side, some distractions have cropped up recently. So much that I had intended on posting this almost a month ago <sigh>…

Long time followers and readers of Bokutachi no Blog will know that we’ve had quite a few writers on team to date. Turns we have built up a pretty decent legacy of sorts with some really talented writers having spent some time here. And fate has once again seen it fit for us to change things up again.

Ghost Town
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Aniblog Tourney: Update 1

The 2nd annual Aniblog Tourney is in full swing with the first round to completed within the the week, in fact it could already be done, the round is so massive I get lost. And by some wondrous miracle the aniblog gods have seen to it that we won our first match and by a surprisingly large margin too.

So seeing the whole point of the tourney is to readers and visitors to other interesting aniblog’s I thought it’d be a good idea to put the spotlight on our opponents.

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Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Wait: How did I not hear about this!?

I know Avatar: the Last Airbender isn’t technically anime because it’s not Japanese, and I remember getting really confused when I first watched the original series because I wondered how this particular “anime” had such good English dubbing, only to learn later that it was an American produced series (by Nickelodeon). The Legend of Korra follows the original series, beginning approximately 70 years after the end of The Last Airbender, and focuses on Korra, the new Avatar.

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This is not only a Fate/Zero post…

Hey, I’m finally back from final exams! Let’s see; I’m 3 episodes late on Fate/Zero… Well, I could start covering them all, but that would take too much time since I’m totally out of shape, writing-wise (and physically). Instead, for this week only (maybe), I’ll do a more blog-ish post that covers random stuffs I’ve seen or read in/about anime/manga during a period of a week (in this case from 12/08/12 to 12/13/12). This involves lazily putting titles, pictures and short non-sensical comments.

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Oh AniplexUSA: I’m drooling, but I’m too poor

Aniplex will finally release Fate/Zero Season 1 on Blu-ray, with awesome extras,…as an IMPORT. Yup, AniplexUSA will pull another Kara no Kyoukai-esque release, just as many predicted. The first 13 episodes of Fate/Zero will be released by Rightstuf on March 7th, 2012 as a limited edition at a price of $369.98 for US customers and $379.98 for non-US customers. Damn you Rightstuf, where’s the love for Canadians?!

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When will Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Season 2 finally air?

It is finally official! AnimeNewsNetwork reported that the second season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?, named *Copy-Paste show’s title* Jigoku Hen, will air start airing the next spring in April 2012. It was to be expected since the 10th volume of the Light Novels will bundle a DVD containing the Episode 0 of season 2 in the same month.

Funimation will also release the first season sometime in 2012 in North America. The show automatically becomes my #1 priority of DVD or Blu-Ray sets to buy in that year. It would be interesting to know who will stream season 2 between Crunchyroll, who streamed the first season, and Funimation (or Funico…damn, that’s an unattractive name LOL). Continue reading ‘When will Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? Season 2 finally air?’


KyoAni will never stop with K-ON! lol

Before AnimeNewsNetwork even reports this, twitter led me to the info that K-ON! will have another anime project in 2012 after the movie!! According to K-ON!-related news reporter from my previous blog (AITOTW) and obsessed fan of the show, @Kyonkun, the following image came from a KyoAni event flyer. I got no idea what’s going to be the format for this K-ON!. I also got no idea if the anime will cover the old band in college. We just know that Azu-nyan’s new K-ON club will be involved. Hopefully, more information will be revealed in the near future. Anyway, time to get excited, K-ON! fanboys.

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